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Retractable Batting Cage - AirCage by Practice Sports, Inc.

Retractable Batting Cage - AirCage by Practice Sports, Inc.


AirCage Electric Retractable Batting Cages

The Playing Field is NOT Level

There's a reason the top organizations in the country have trusted the AirCage brand for their indoor batting cages.

Every AirCage is custom built to be the safest, most reliable retractable batting cage in the industry.

Learn More below why the AirCage has no equal.

What Makes the AirCage the Best Value?

When over-head equipment is involved and safety is on the line, it's wise to pay for quality.

The AirCage is best in class, allowing your facility to maintain high safety standards, and ensure a short-term cost-savings decision doesn't put your facility at risk for the long-term.

Practice Sports is the original builder and industry leader of the AirCage, the most popular retractable batting cage in the US.

We have installed retractable cages in over 300 indoor training facilities nationwide.

Some of our most prestigious clients include:

Easton Bats, Army, Navy, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Colorado, Arkansas, Minnesota, Baylor, & Penn; among dozens of private organizations, players & celebrities.

Our motorized batting cages are perfect for multi-sport facilities & gyms, allowing the cage to quickly raise to the ceiling via electric winch (remote or key), opening the floor & air-space for other activities.

Because we are builders, we can customize the AirCage to fit any facility or client vision - creating maximum flexibility, functionality & safety.

The AirCage surpasses all other brands in SPEED of raising & lowering, and elevation STORAGE HEIGHT - with a patented low-profile bracket design.

When you buy an AirCage with installation or for DIY, you know you're getting a TURN-KEY package requiring no on-site fabrication - meaning no hidden costs.

Do it right the first time, with an AirCage custom built for YOU.

AirCage comparison chart

Did you know?

  • Most installations require fewer than 36 hours to complete.
  • Our High-Speed Winches cut down on set up and storage times.

Up to Three Layers of Safety

Winch safety mechanisms customized for each cage based on cage load. The Slim Profile of the AirCage Hoist gives your facility more overhead space.

We can install components inside of ceilings giving your facility greater flexibility.

Custom fit winches ensure greater safety and performance of your AirCage.

Our ceiling supports help make the AirCage a perfect fit for your facility no matter what type of ceiling structure you have.

The safest, most reliable electric retractable batting cage on the planet.

Ready To ELEVATE your GAME ?

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Top Retractable Batting Cage – AirCage by Practice Sports, Inc. Questions

For larger, multisport facilities, we recommend the AirCage, an indoor, electric, retractable cage with the lowest profile in the industry.

Best Indoor Retractable Batting Cage | AirCage

Many facilities love the flexibility of the ShellCage, which is a great multi-lane, multi-sport cage.

Most homeowners end up with a CurtainCage, which features three overhead cable lines to support the net.

Once you decide to set up a home batting cage, the next steps may seem overwhelming. So, we’re here to help. We’ve written many articles on how to build a batting cage at home, in basements, garages, backyards, or at a sports facility. First, decide where you want to install your batting cage, and then follow the steps from the articles below:

Customer Spotlight: Retractable Batting Cage DIY

Garage Batting Cage – DIY For Small Spaces

Basement Batting Cage – Install In Just 12 Feet

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Batting Cage Frame Kit – Buyer’s Guide

NCage Varsity 4 Section 55 Ft Long Outdoor Batting Cage Frame Instructions

These articles are surely helpful, but if you have more questions, Contact Us and we will be happy to help you plan, purchase all of the correct parts, and walk you through building your own cage!

  • Batting Cage Net — we don’t include a net in the price because there are many options with prices that vary greatly – so we prefer to let our customers choose the best net for their situation. If you need a recommendation, just ask.
  • You may review our Stock Size Net options – OR get an instant quote here, for a custom size or heavier gauge. We highly recommend using #42 or #60 Nylon for programs with heavy usage. Remember, you wouldn’t put KIA quality rims on a Cadillac.
  • Installation — our Professional Installation crew based in Ohio can install this AirCageTM system in ANY building. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to save a few hundred bucks for cheap help which may be cheaper per hour, but will most likely take twice as long overall — in the end it’s just not worth the liability. View pictures of our installation crew’s previous work – and review a list of some of our references. Just ask for direct contacts.