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Portable Pitching Mounds

Portable pitching mounds are widely used by players from Little League, Colleges, and even Pro Players for off-season training, due to their overall low maintenance & portability. Developing & maintaining a dirt mound year after year can become very costly, not to mention inaccurate, resulting in improper training & a potential safety hazard.

A portable mound can easily pay for itself after only a few seasons of use, and can even be used as a "multi-tasker mound" for multiple fields if needed.

What are the most important factors to consider when shopping for a mound?

Practice / Bullpen Mound:

  • Include 90 degree angled edges - designed for straight-ahead pitching practice only - cheaper than "game mounds".

Game Mound:

  • Include tapered edges, to allow the mound's edges to fit flush with the ground. This creates a safer environment during games, allowing for pick-off moves and accommodating players running across the field to catch pop-flys. Game mounds are always more expensive than "practice mounds" due to their advanced design.

Youth Mound:

  • Typically include rubber height of 6" or less - a fairly common youth regulation.

High-School / Collegiate/Pro-level Mound:

  • Include rubber height of 10" - a high-school, collegiate, & pro regulation.


  • The rubber height is measured from a level ground surface to the top of the rubber.
  • Pay attention to the length & width when shopping for a mound.
  • Longer mounds are more suitable for taller players with longer strides - don't end up with a mound your player will outgrow & won't allow them to simulate a game condition.
  • The width is important to allow players to practice the wind-up from all sides of the rubber
  • Pack dirt around edges of mound to help conform to the ground & create a more flush playing area.
  • The bigger the mound, the heavier it becomes. This can be a Pro & Con. On one hand it becomes more cumbersome to move around - on the other hand it stays in place much better than a smaller mound without reinforcement.
  • 2-piece mounds can be useful, allowing for easier storage and better portability.

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  • 10" one-piece game mound

    10″ One-Piece Game Mound (10"H x 11’3”L x 7’7"W and 220 pounds)

    View Details
  • 10″ Two-Piece Game Mound (10"H x 11’3”L x 7’7"W and 110 / 120 pounds per section)

    View Details
  • Potolite-289_WEB

    4″ Economy Youth Mound (4"H x 3’6”L x 2’10”W)

    View Details
  • 4" Stride Off Game Mound

    4″ Stride Off Game Mound (4"H x 4’L x 3’10”W)

    View Details
  • 6"-One-Piece-Game-Mound

    6″ One-Piece Game Mound (6"H x 8’11”L x 5’W and 120 pounds)

    View Details
  • 6" 2 Piece Game Mound split

    6″ Two-Piece Game Mound (6"H x 8’11”L x 5’W and 60 pounds per section)

    View Details
  • 8" One-Piece Game Mound

    8″ One-Piece Game Mound (8"H x 10’5”L x 7’W and 200 pounds)

    View Details
  • 8" Two-Piece Game Mound

    8″ Two-Piece Game Mound (8"H x 10’5”L x 7’W and 95 / 105 pounds per section )

    View Details
  • Batting Practice Pitching Platform (10" H x 4' W x 7' L and 160 pounds)

    View Details
  • Classic Game Junior Mound (9’L x 5’4”W x 6”H and 135 pounds)

    View Details
  • Game Mound in green turf

    Game Mound (8'3"W x 11'6"L x 10"H and 220 pounds)

    View Details
  • High School/Collegiate Mound (9’6”L x 4’W x 10”H and 130 pounds)

    View Details
  • Indoor Sticky Mat pitching mound

    Indoor Sticky Mat (2'L x 2'W)

    View Details
  • Junior Pro Mound (6" H x 3' 6" W x 6' L)

    View Details
  • Jr Training Mound in green

    Junior Training Mound (42”L x 42”W x 4”H and 45 pounds)

    View Details
  • Long-Spiked-Game-Mat

    Long Spiked Game Mat (11'L x 4'W)

    View Details
  • Pitch Pro Model 1810 Pitching Mound

    Pitch Pro Model 1810 Pitching Mound

    View Details
  • Pitch Pro Model 334 Fiberglass Pitching Mound

    Pitch Pro Model 334 Fiberglass Pitching Mound

    View Details
  • Pitch Pro Model 465 Fiberglass Pitching Mound

    Pitch Pro Model 465 Fiberglass Pitching Mound

    View Details
  • Pitch Pro Model 486 Fiberglass Pitching Mound

    Pitch Pro Model 486 Fiberglass Pitching Mound

    View Details

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Top Mounds Questions

Game mounds have tapered edges to conform to a field, which is safer for gameplay. While practice mounds have straight edges and are designed only for straight-ahead pitching practice.

You don’t want a player to stride off the end of the mound which causes an uneven landing. So, taller players need longer mounds. Wider mounds are designed for taller players to practice the wind-up from all areas of the rubber.

Our mounds are portable, but some of them are pretty heavy. If portability is an important factor, select a two-piece mound, as that will be easier to handle. However, with the help of a few people and a truck, all of the mounds we carry can be moved.

Most are made from a high-density foam, but others are made from fiberglass.

Not under normal usage. It’s a HD stryo-foam designed for impact. However, a fiberglass mound will outlast a foam mound simply by virtue of it being a harder material.


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