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We Make Installation Easy

Since 2001 we’ve helped sports facilities nationwide design and install the sports equipment they need.

Batting cages, gym equipment, turf, training equipment and more.

We even offer an exclusive Training Facility Loyalty Program to help commercial facilities grow.

Call us today at 1-800-877-6787 or email to see how we can help.

Open your facility sooner with Practice Sports Installation services. Our mobile workshop and lodging allows our crew to fabricate on site and work 16 hour shifts to give our customers the most efficient service in the industry.

Design & Consulting

Express the vision of your facility to investors or customers with 3D images and animation.

Schedule our expert staff to walkthrough your facility. Our crews travel nationwide to help provide you with efficient service.

Indoor Batting Cages

From collapsible batting cages like our CurtainCage, and ShellCage, to electric retractable cages like our industry leading AirCage we can install a variety of Indoor Batting Cages around virtually any obstacle.

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Wall Padding

Our Custom Wall Padding can cover any surface; from walls and columns, to beams beams and ceilings.

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Indoor wall padding


We specialize in suspended gym equipment, such as Basketball Hoops, scoreboards and more.

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Gym Curtains

Need a motorized Gym Curtain that folds up to the ceiling, or walk along curtains that collapse against the wall? We can do that.

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From rubber to foam tiles to plastic tiles, our modular floors are a perfect fit for multi-sport facilities.

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Outdoor Batting Cages

We specialize in Outdoor Batting Cages with options such as sliding curtains and canopy covers.

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Backstop Netting

Properly installed Backstop Netting is essential for protecting your spectators.

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Indoor or outdoor turf such as Home Plate Halos, Golf Putting Greens, and Landscape areas.

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Field Equipment

Field equipment from Windscreens, to Foul Poles and Field Goal Posts.

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Virtual Tour

Practice Sports offers services for your facility every step of the way, from design to routine maintenance.

Watch the video to see what Practice Sports can offer your facility, or give us a call at 1-800-877-6787 or email us at

What Sets PSI Apart From the Competition

Don’t just take our word for it. Compare Practice Sports Installations with budget installations from Other Discount companies.

Slotted Unistrut

  • Slotted Strut is not strong enough for professional applications.
  • Weak headers cause lines with slack, creating netting sag and difficult mobility.

Professional Grade Header

  • Pro-grade headers allow maximum tension on lines.
  • Rigid cables create clean and professional netting.
  • Welded Anchor Tabs allow turnbuckles to do their jobs.

Shopping Tips

Other Discount Companies use inferior hardware to cut costs.

Keep an eye out for these shortcut hardware applications:

Slotted Unistrut

  • Inadequate for commercial applications.

Split Bracket Pulleys

  • Made from Nylon, much less durable than Steel, creating more maintenance for your facility.

Poly / HDPP or HDPE Netting

  • Inferior fiber not qualified for commercial level use.

Cage Doctors

We can diagnose your problem and provide solutions.

Give us a call at 1-800-877-6787 or email us at

Cheap pulleys cause BIG issues for a net , and we fix it.

Details Matter

We ask questions because the details make a difference. We want you to ask questions, too. Together, we’ll get the job done right. The first time.



Before & After

Don’t settle for a budget installation from those Other Discount companies.

Your facility deserves a professional touch so your customers can give you the “Wow” response you’re looking for.

We Care About Our Clients

“We have been extremely impressed with our overall experience with Practice Sports. The netting has proven to be durable, the customer service outstanding, and the overall usability of the cages has been top-notch. We have been very happy with how our new indoor facility has turned out, and a big part of that is because of Practice Sports and their dedication to a quality product.”

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