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Who We Are

Practice Sports, Inc. is a family business headquartered in Omaha, NE. We design and install our own equipment, and employ partner manufacturers around the country.

In 2001, we founded College Sports, Inc. and to help schools meet the demand for high quality sports netting. As our client’s needs increased, we evolved into Practice Sports, Inc.

In addition to our nationwide Sports Facility Equipment, we are also certified regional installers for SYNLawn, SnapSports, Swing Kingdom, Playmart, Kompan, TruGolf, SportsCoach, Americana, and Aquajeux.

In 2015 we developed Play, Inc. to serve our local markets with specialty construction services. Play, Inc. installs artificial grass, sports athletic multi-game courts, sports netting, simulators, putting greens, high-end playsets, splash pads, shade structures, and park equipment throughout Nebraska, Iowa and other midwest states.

We operate five websites serving specialty markets:
(nationwide sports equipment)
(regional specialty construction)
(nationwide netting)
(nationwide sports turf)
(nationwide installation)

What Sets Us Apart


Find what you need faster


Earn cash discounts


All PSI engineered equipment is U.S. sourced


We build and install, saving you time and money


We custom design equipment to fit your space


Package the essentials and save

Why Practice Sports?

The original staff still manages the daily PSI operations. We are a close-knit group of passionate sports fans, each with over 30 years of experience “in the field” as players and coaches. This means we see things from your perspective, and understand what it takes to make practice more effective.

We make QUALITY a priority when designing and purchasing equipment. With over 20 years of custom design experience, our shops have the skills to build products to your exact specs.

We are proud of our reputation as a dependable source for high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

What We Do

We innovate.

We don’t just buy and sell off the shelf equipment, we specialize, instead of generalize. Why? Not every product safely functions in every facility directly out of the box. Our attention to detail and custom touches make facilities and equipment safer and easier to use.


The most popular batting cage net in the industry.
Available in Standard Sizes or Custom Built to meet your specs.


Collapsible batting cage system for space saving storage.


The nCage in-ground batting cage offers you a variety of outdoor batting cage frames from lightweight and portable to heavy duty and professional.


The AirCage is an electric retractable indoor batting cage system and a Practice Sports Exclusive.

We innovate in the digital world, too.

We’ve created a suite of online tools that help you find the equipment that fits your needs and budget; helping you to practice, better.

We custom install.

With over 20 years of custom installation and fabrication experience, our crew has built and installed equipment in facilities nationwide.

We bring the right tools to the job. We even custom fabricate onsite.

What we’re about

Our philosophy is simple.
Quality products.
Quality customer service.
Safe installations.
  • This means we help you find the right product for your needs and budget, in terms of functionality and safety.
  • This means we don’t get every job we quote.
  • We prefer quality and safety; over quantity and sales records.
  • We strive to design and install the best equipment at the best value.
  • When you work with PSI, you get access to an equipment expert. Our modest sales staff of 3 means it’s easy to speak to a pro, and keep in touch with the same person throughout your project. No maze of call tree extensions and departments here.
  • Our experts have a combined 25 years experience with sports equipment, artificial turf, netting, simulators, playground equipment, and installations. When you work with us, you’re working with a pro, not just a call center with a script.
  • We’re confident there is no other company in the business who can match our experience, attention to detail, and online customer tools.
  • We look forward to working with you. Feel free to Contact Us anytime to get the ball rolling.

Our Clients

  1. Training facilities
  2. Schools:
    Elementary, High-schools, Colleges, Universities
  3. Professionals:
    Teams, Players, Actors, Musicians
  4. Production studios, TV & movie sets
  5. Churches,
    non-profit organizations
  6. Military branches, Government departments, parks & recreation
  7. Contractors and construction companies
  8. Family backyards, little league associations