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Pitching Machines

Pitching Machines


Pitching Machines

We are distributors for the top pitching machine manufacturer's in the industry - Jugs, Hack Attack, BATA, and Master Pitch / Iron Mike.

Our pitching machines are available for baseball or softball. We offer competitive pricing - so if you see a lower price online, let us know and we should be able to beat it and offer you a complete package to streamline your order.

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We have baseball machines that throw over-hand, machines with ball feeders and even large ball hoppers. Our machines can throw a wide variety of pitch styles from 100 MPH fastballs, to curveballs, sliders, screwballs and even forkballs - to keep your batters on their toes.

Our softball machines throw from a lowered height to create a realistic experience, and can also throw a variety of pitches including rising fastballs.

We also have a good selection of "combo pitching machines", which can convert between baseball and softball mode with ease, allowing a single machine for both baseball and softball players.

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Showing 1–20 of 42 results

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Top Pitching Machines Questions

The draw-back of arm-action machines is that they can only throw fastballs, no “junk” pitches.

Wheel machines help batters practice their timing. To ensure more time between ball release and pitch, choose a machine with a long and highly visible “entry chute.” Then, the operator releases the ball and the machine throws it.

We suggest buying from one of the five manufacturers listed above. Yes, there are alternatives. However, these five companies have a proven track record and stand behind their products. Although the emergence of other companies to compete would improve the industry, until then, we can’t recommend other manufacturers. Because of how much use machines receive, it’s key to pick a machine with years of prototyping under its belt, a high-quality motor, and great mechanics.

To find the right machine for practice, look for one that can throw different ball types, like synthetic PVC, dimpled, and leather. Leather balls are ideal for experienced batters, while dimpled balls are safer for young, inexperienced players and work well in practice environments.

Always use balls suggested by the manufacturer or ask for their referral on the best ball to use with their machines. The manufacturer calibrates the machine to pitch a specific density ball at maximum speed and performance, so it’s crucial to follow their advice. Here are the recommendations for the machines we carry:

Machine Ball Type
Lite Flite Pitching Machine Lite-Flite baseballs
Lite-Flite softballs
JUGS Bulldog poly baseballs
JUGS Bulldog softballs
Soft Toss Machine 11″ or 12″ softballs Baseballs
JUGS LeatherLast Softballs
JUGS Pearl
JUGS Sting-Free balls
JUGS Lite-Flite balls
JUGS Softie balls
JUGS Bulldog polyballs
MVP Combo Pitching Machine Baseballs
Sting-Free balls—dimpled and seam
JUGS Lite-Flite and softie balls
JUGS Pearl and LeatherLast
JUGS BULLDOG poly balls
Combo Pitching Machine 11″ or 12″ softballs Baseballs
Sting-Free baseballs—dimpled and seam
Sting-Free softballs—dimpled and seam
Tennis balls
Lite-Flite baseballs and softballs
SOFTIE softballs and baseballs
JUGS Pearl
LeatherLast Softballs JUGS Bulldog baseballs and softballs
Small Ball Pitching Machine JUGS polyurethane-foam 5-in./0.5-oz. Small-Balls
BP1 Combo Pitching Machine 11″ or 12″ softballs Baseballs
Sting-Free baseballs—dimpled and seam
Sting-Free softballs—dimpled and seam
Tennis balls
Lite-Flite baseballs and softballs
Softie softballs and baseballs
Jugs Pearl
LeatherLast Softballs
Jugs Bulldog baseballs and softballs
BP1 Baseball Pitching Machine Baseballs
JUGS Sting-Free baseballs—dimpled and seam
JUGS Lite-Flite and SOFTIE baseballs
JUGS Pearl
JUGS Bulldog baseballs
BP1 Softball Pitching Machine 11″ or 12″ softballs, LeatherLast softballs Sting-Free softballs
Lite-Flite softballs
Softie softballs
Bulldog polyballs
BP2 Baseball Pitching Machine Baseballs
JUGS Pearl
JUGS Sting-Free baseballs—dimpled and seam
JUGS Lite-Flite
SOFTIE baseballs
JUGS Bulldog baseballs
BP3 Baseball Pitching Machine with Changeup Feature Baseballs
JUGS Pearl
JUGS Sting-Free baseballs—dimpled and seam
JUGS Lite-Flite
SOFTIE baseballs
JUGS Bulldog baseballs
Iron Mike Pitching Machines Dimpled balls are more consistent and will last longer.
All machines throw regular leather balls as long as they are equipped with a Positive Feed Unit or Ball Feed Enhancer.
Bata Pitching Machines
(Baseball or Softball option)
Ballistic leather
Dimpled baseballs
Hack Attack Pitching Machines Baden Kevlar Ballistic Seamed Baseballs/Softballs
Baden Dimpled Baseballs/Softballs

Another key point – NEVER use regulation balls as they wear down not only the machines but also the balls. When a machine states it throws real balls, they mean it feels, sounds, and reacts like a real game ball.

Read more about pitching machine balls.