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Halo Kits

Halo Kits


Turf Halo Kits

Turf halo kits are used on baseball and softball fields, to outline the area behind home-plate. A high-quality halo kit will prevent this area from being worn out from regular foot traffic, reducing costly grass maintenance. Halo kits are also an excellent medium to display logos or names for your team mascot, partners/sponsors, or memorials.

They are referred to as a "halo kit" because they come pre-cut in several large sections to allow you to piece together on-site. It's recommended to glue your halo kit to a concrete surface - glue/concrete not included.

All of our halo kits use a high quality, steel spike-resistant 42 oz. DuPont Nylon surface with UV Inhibitors, over an all-weather 5 mm foam pad for added density and shock-absorption. Our Nylon turf is available in a wide variety of colors, and custom logos are available.

Also available are extension wings, which provide additional protection along the baselines where coaches typically stand to hit batting practice. This also provides additional space to display logos.

Our optional turf logos are IN-LAID, which means the letters are constructed from Nylon yarn (same material as halo kit), and glued into the halo kit. The result is bright brilliant colors which will never fade, and last as long as the turf does.

All of our halo kits also include an industry best 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Halo Kit Features:

  • Spike-Resistant Durable 42 oz DuPont Nylon Face
  • 5 mm Foam Pad for shock absorption
  • Total turf height with foam: 3/4"
  • UV Inhibitors Extruded into Turf
  • Water-Proof Foam
  • 2 Standard green options - other colors available for add-on
  • Optional In-Laid Turf Logos and Letters

Halo Kit Photos

"The Halo is working fine and keeping the maintenance of the grass behind it at a minimum. We have had several comments from visiting teams on the look. The installation of the halo was easy and we are looking forward to having it at our field for a long time. We could not have been happier with the price and the service your company has provided us."

-Steve, Canyon High School, Canyon Country, CA

McLean High School
McLean, VA 22101

Canyon High School Baseball

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Top Halo Kits Questions

Spike-Resistant 42 oz Nylon Face, with 5 mm Foam Pad for shock absorption

The total height including foam is 3/4″

All of our turf mats & halo kits use a turf that have UV Inhibitors embedded into the fibers. The turf & foam is also water-resistant.

We use our Grand Slam Deluxe product, found here.

Our In-laid logos will last the same life-span as the turf itself, and will never fade or wear out. Our painted logos will last a few seasons, but it depends on the traffic, and your preference for aesthetics. Most painted logos need to be touched up annually to maintain a professional appearance.