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Rubber Rolls

Rubber Rolls


Our Rubber Rolls are used by 1,000's of commercial & home gyms nationwide. Available in a variety of thicknesses and colors, rolled rubber is perfect for protecting your floors & equipment.

Rolled rubber is available in 4 ft wide and any length, and is more economical than interlocking tiles. Rubber rolls can be heavy and more challenging to install than tiles, but the overall weight also keeps them locked into place which makes the finished product very robust.

Rubber rolls are very popular for weight rooms and fitness centers, improving the looks of your facility, offering sound dampening, slip resistance & shock absorption benefits.

Rolled rubber is very durable and can withstand years of heavy-duty foot traffic from steel spikes and even ice skates.

Improve the looks and performance of your facility overnight with all black or color flecked rolled rubber from Practice Sports.

Rubber rolls

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    Rubber Rolls For Home Gyms

    Rubber rolls are an inexpensive option for home gym flooring. For use in areas with heavy weights, be sure to select a roll that is at least ¼ inch thick.

    Rubber Rolls For Gyms

    Rubber rolls in gyms are often rolled out to protect original hardwood floors. Rubber rolls provide added protection when using baseballs or softballs in gymnasiums.

    Rubber Rolls for Commercial Facilities

    Rubber rolls are often used for providing additional protection to original flooring in commercial sports facilities. They are often used to provide a soft landing for weight rooms. Be sure to use rolls of at least ¼ inch thickness in weight room areas. Rubber rolls provide your floors with added protection from ice skates and cleats.


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