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AirCage FAQs


What makes your kits better?

Put simply, the customization & extra features. The AirCage is a custom engineered system, built to be specifically compatible with YOUR ceiling. We offer several components other companies do not, which makes installation easier, functionality better, and overall life-span longer.

See photos of our extra features here.

Is this kit safe hanging overhead?

We use grade-5 fasteners, vibration-proof nuts, and custom build each and every part to be compatible with every ceiling. We never send a "1 size fits all" kit. With over 300 cages installed nationwide, we are proud to say we have had 0 accidents.

How much does it weigh?

Depending on size, a typical AirCage ranges between 550 - 1,000 lbs. The average weight per lift-point is only 35 - 50 lbs, which makes the overall collateral load insignificant. Please consult with us for an actual weight, and utilize your personal structural engineer to verify load limitations for your building.

How long will it last?

AirCage hardware (frame & components) will last over 20 years. Most winches will last 8 - 10 years before servicing is needed, depending on usage. Most netting will last 3 - 10 years depending on quality & usage. View our full warranty info here.

What is the difference between Aircage 1 & 2?

The Aircage 1.0 has a top frame, and raises down to floor level, where the netting is manually folded on top of the frame for storage. The frame is then raised to the ceiling.

Aircage 2.0 has a top & bottom frame. The bottom frame raises up and pancakes the netting against the top frame, resulting in a "hands free" play to storage experience.

Pricing / Ordering

Why is your pricing higher than other kits?

It's most likely not an apples to apples comparison. When buying an AirCage, you receive additional components other companies do not include standard, or have the capability to fabricate. During the process of building several hundred AirCages over 14 years, we have identified key items we know are essential for improving installation, functionality, and life-span.

We are batting cage professionals. Most all other companies are "batting cage kit salesmen", and will not guarantee 100% compatibility with your ceiling without on-site fabrication. When dealing with several hundred lbs of steel hanging overhead, this is simply not a safe approach.

How do I order?

Why don't other companies include the extra components you do?

The simple answer is to keep the total cost down, appearing to have the lowest price available, thereby increasing sales. The long answer is they don't have the experience or desire to know any better. Most companies prefer to sell "pre-packaged kits", making sales more efficient. This keeps the price down and looks great to the un-trained consumer.

Most of these kits WILL include the core basic yet generic components. The problem when low-cost is the ultimate goal, is cheaper parts are used, and "extra" parts that will make the kit safer and function better, are omitted.

In the end, you will pay for it one way or the other. The result is a very complicated installation and inferior functioning system. We feel this approach is dis-honest and un-safe.

How do I order?

See our typical ordering process here.

Why can't I order directly online?

We custom build each system to fit your facility perfectly the first time. This requires info gathering and engineering, ensuring all parts are compatible with the nuances of your ceiling. Avoid buying a "one size fits all" kit, which will inevitably require on-site fabrication, with potential safety hazards.

Do you offer payment plans?

We accept school or government certified Purchase Orders, which allow for 30 day payment terms for "build & ship" packages. When installation is involved, we require 50% down, and the final 50% paid upon completion, which is typically at least 30 days from the date of your PO.

We do not offer payment plans for private organizations, but do accept Credit Card or Paypal.

Can I order a few components and build the others myself?

The only parts we sell individually are the frame, winch, remote, and key-switch. We do not short-sell complete kit components because we can not guarantee the functionality and safety of our parts combined with parts from others.

Fabrication & Installation

How quickly can it ship?

If ordering the system by itself, we can typically build & ship within 2-4 weeks. If ordering installation, we are typically booked 4-8 weeks, depending on time of year.

How long is installation?

Once on-site, our crew can install a single cage within approximately 24-36 hours.

Where do you travel from?

Our installation crews travel from Ohio & Oklahoma, depending on type of job and client location / timeline.

Do you service my area?

We offer installation services to all 48 states, and lower regions of Canada. We can offer remote support to local crews in other areas as needed.

Do you offer consultation services?

Yes, we can assist with the engineering & design process of your building, and even fly a crew-member to your site for on-site support. Contact us to discuss an arrangement.

How do I get on the schedule?

We require a 50% deposit to book a date. Please start the process by providing info about your facility - start here.


Do you have references?

Yes, please contact us to request.

Who uses an AirCage?

We have designed & installed AirCages for hundreds of high profile organizations such as Army, Navy, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Colorado, Arkansas, and hundreds others.

How long have you been building & installing AirCages?

We are one of the original builders of the AirCage, since 2001. Our crew has been installing cages for over 25 years. We have perfected the process, and lead the industry for AirCage design & installation.

Why should I buy from you?

If you're looking for a company that takes pride in details, professionalism, and quality - you've come to the right place. We take no short-cuts, leaving quantity and sales records to the cookie-cutter kit salesmen across the web. We like to get things right the first time, and know most everyone else feels the same way. The fact is when 10's of thousands of dollars are involved, and the safety of your players & spectators are on the line, cheapest is not best. If you're ready to do it right, allow us to manage your AirCage project correctly.

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