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Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles


Rubber tiles are easy to install, maintain, and their durability makes them a great option for not only home use, but commercial sports facilities as well.

Modular Interlocking Tiles

Our modular interlocking tiles are easy to install, you won’t need to hire outside help. Their interlocking features make it easy to move a built floor. We always recommend ordering a few more tiles than you might need, to make it easy to replace a tile if it does become damaged.


Straight Edge Rubber Tiles

Less expensive than interlocking tiles, the straight edge tiles are an economical solution to home gyms where you won’t be doing any agility training.

Straight rubber tiles do not "snap" together like our interlocking tiles, so may require adhesive to keep in place unless abutted against walls to lock in place. Straight edge tiles are a perfect solution for gym flooring on a budget within a defined space.


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    Rubber Tiles For Home Gyms

    Rubber tiles are a durable, long lasting option for home gym floors. If a single tile does become damaged, it can be swapped out with a spare tile for little cost to the homeowner.

    Rubber Tiles for Commercial Facilities

    Because of their long-lasting durability, rubber tiles are an excellent choice for high traffic commercial facilities. Rubber tiles can be used to create individual areas for weight lifting, agility training, stretching and more.

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