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Pitching Machines

Pitching Machines


Pitching Machines

We are distributors for the top pitching machine manufacturer's in the industry - Jugs, Hack Attack, BATA, and Master Pitch / Iron Mike.

Our pitching machines are available for baseball or softball. We offer competitive pricing - so if you see a lower price online, let us know and we should be able to beat it and offer you a complete package to streamline your order.

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We have baseball machines that throw over-hand, machines with ball feeders and even large ball hoppers. Our machines can throw a wide variety of pitch styles from 100 MPH fastballs, to curveballs, sliders, screwballs and even forkballs - to keep your batters on their toes.

Our softball machines throw from a lowered height to create a realistic experience, and can also throw a variety of pitches including rising fastballs.

We also have a good selection of "combo pitching machines", which can convert between baseball and softball mode with ease, allowing a single machine for both baseball and softball players.

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  • 18 Ball Baseball Feeder for Lite-Flite Machine

    View Details
  • Ball Coach

    View Details
  • BP1 Baseball Pitching Machine

    View Details
  • BP1 Combo Pitching Machine (Baseball & Softball)

    View Details
  • BP1 Softball Pitching Machine

    View Details
  • BP2 Baseball Pitching Machine

    View Details
  • BP3 Baseball Pitching Machine with Changeup Feature

    View Details
  • Combo Pitching Machine (Baseball & Softball)

    View Details
  • Hack Attack Pitching Machine

    View Details
  • I-Hack Attack Pitching Machine

    View Details
  • In-Line On/Off Feeder Remote Switch (Works with Any Model)

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  • Iron Mike Ball Feed Enhancer Unit (MP-5)

    View Details
  • Iron Mike Machine C-53, MP-5 Cover (C-53, MP-5)

    View Details
  • Iron Mike Machine C-55, MP-4, MP-6 Cover (C-55, MP-4, MP-6)

    View Details
  • Iron Mike Machine Guard Screen (Machine Guard, 6 ft H x 4 ft W)

    View Details
  • Iron Mike Pitching Machine (C-82)

    View Details
  • Iron Mike Positive Feed Control Unit (MP-6)

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  • Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine

    View Details
  • Lite Flite Pitching Machine (Baseball & Softball)

    View Details
  • MP-4 Iron Mike Pitching Machine (Includes Positive Feed Unit)

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Top Pitching Machines Questions

The draw-back of arm-action machines is that they can only throw fastballs, no “junk” pitches.

Wheel machines can also allow batter’s to practice timing, but look for a machine with a long & highly visible “entry chute”, so there is a longer period of time between when the operator releases the ball and it’s projected from the machine.

We recommended buying from one of the 5 manufacturer’s listed above. Yes there are alternatives, but these companies have proven track records for many years, and stand behind their products. We hope other companies emerge to compete which will only make the industry better, but until then we can’t recommend other manufacturers because we realize how much usage machines receive, and it’s imperative to use a machine with year’s of proto-typing under it’s belt, a high quality motor & great mechanics.

Look for machines that throw a variety of types of balls, such as synthetic PVC, dimpled, & leather. Your batter will eventually want to practice using leather balls, but dimpled balls are good for practice environments and can be safer for younger inexperienced players.

Always uses the manufacturer’s balls or get a referral from them on the optimal ball for their machines, which have been calibrated to pitch a certain density ball at maximum speed & performance.

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