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10″ Two-Piece Game Mound

10"H x 11’3”L x 7’7"W and 110 / 120 pounds per section


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The lightest, most durable baseball pitching mounds on the market JUST GOT LIGHTER! Now available in a two-piece design!

The 10″ Two-Piece Game Mound is among the lightest, most durable baseball pitching mounds on the market. With this mound, pitchers get used to the feel of a regulation baseball mound. Built with gentle slopes and tapered edges so that the pitcher has the highest level of comfort, this mound is perfect for your team.


At 10″H x 11’3″”L x 7’7″’W, this is a great starting mound as even your tallest pitchers have room to perfect their stride. Also, at seven-feet-seven-inches (7’7″) wide, pitchers get used to regulation sizes. While the full-body, poly-protected, resilient core construction gives pitchers a solid landing area, players’ knee and ankle strain is reduced with this cushioned, no-bounce mound.

This two-piece mound is also available in 6″ and 8″ heights.


As far as portability goes, these mounds only weigh 110 and 120 pounds per section. With the two-piece design, portability is a breeze. Simply grab one piece of the mound at a time to move. Then the two pieces easily fit back together and stay together during use with their overlapping interlocking design.


Built to last, 10″ Two-Piece Game Mounds use simulated rubbers, which last 10 times longer than industry standards. Plus, they have a hidden wear pad underneath the turf in front of the pitching rubber to ensure your mound lasts season after season. To top it off, the mounds are then covered with the highest quality turf.

And, just in case there is a problem, every purchase includes a 10-year limited warranty.

Dimensions: 10″H x 11’3”L x 7’7″W

Weight: Only 110 / 120 lbs. per section

Color Options: Green, Clay, Red, Tan

  • High School Regulation Games
  • College, High School, Junior High, Babe Ruth leagues
  • Lasts longer than most mounds
  • Ideal for multi-league use, with no switching between games
  • Wide plateau for pick-off moves
  • Sleek and more portable than traditional game mounds
  • Limited 10-year warranty on the core of the mound

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