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Best Indoor Retractable Batting Cage | AirCage

Indoor retractable batting cages are ideal for schools, gyms, and other recreational spaces. To begin with, simply raise and lower the cage when not in use. This leaves room for other sports and activities when working with limited space. Of course, all retractable cages give extra playing space; however, not all cages are equal. When shopping for the best indoor retractable batting cage, be sure to look for a brand devoted to:

  • Safety
  • Value
  • Performance

AirCage takes pride in these values. In this article, we’ll compare AirCage to the other brands in order to determine the best indoor retractable batting cage.


When overhead equipment is involved, safety matters. That’s why every AirCage is custom built to maintain high safety standards. Practice Sports is the original builder of the AirCage, the most popular retractable batting cage in the United States. With over 300 installations in training facilities and private gyms nationwide, our builders specialize in customizing for any space. The hands-free design drops and lifts the cage without risk to the operator. Other safety mechanisms include a built-in, integral brake motor and add on curtail lock to eliminate the risk of free fall.

AirCage logos


Quality is a significant factor when choosing the best retractable batting cage. Of course, safety plays a big role in overall value. While some cages on the market offer short-term savings, lower safety and quality standards end up costing more in the long run. In contrast, AirCage is built to last:

  • hardware: 20+ years
  • winches: 8-10 years depending on usage
  • netting: 3-10 years depending on quality and usage

All you need is a vision. Our builders then custom design a cage just for you. Specifically, AirCage fits any size, small or large, and uses drop extensions to avoid ceiling obstacles. We also tailor the mounting bracket for the electric winch to best suit the ceiling structure. Additionally, we use heavier framework (1-5/8″) than other retractable cages to build a solid structure without overloading the winch. Finally, the AirCage includes a limited warranty to ensure all parts perform as expected.

The quality of the cages are more than we expected. We have not had a single issue or malfunction with them since installed.

– Brian Levine, Vision Sports Club 

The work done at Practice Sports Inc has been of great quality. Once I gave them the layout of the area we wanted to install our batting cage in, the engineer custom-made the parts to fit the cage perfectly in our gymnasium.

– Brandon Barlage, Athletic Director

Having the ‘AirCage’ allows us to safely challenge our patients with sports-specific training and workloads. This has made all the difference in their rehab and confidence transitioning back to the sports and activities they love.

– Kelly McCann PT, MPT, OrthoNebraska


For over 25 years, AirCage consistently beats the competition. Low-profile drive lines retract to about 12 inches from the ceiling, and custom spool diameters use cage weight and ceiling height to hone retraction speed and smoothness. AirCage also has more custom-integrated features than any other cage on the market. These custom features, which improve performance and safety, include:

  • Laser-cut winch brackets
  • Lifting spools
  • Ceiling supports
  • Safety locks

Additionally, the wireless remote omits manual labor while safely lifting from the bottom of the cage. This programmable remote can be set to control multiple winches for all of your indoor retractable batting cages.

AirCage retractable batting cage
AirCage indoor retractable batting cage
AirCage indoor retractable batting cage

AirCage vs. Other Indoor Retractable Batting Cages

AirCage comparison chart

Contact Us with any questions or to customize your AirCage indoor retractable batting cage.

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