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Best Dimensions for a Baseball Batting Cage?

Baseball batting cages are typically a minimum of 70 ft long x 14 ft wide x 12 ft high. This allows proper usage by right-handed or left-handed batters, without moving the plate. It also allows for safe usage without risking damage to the netting from back-swing contact.

Selecting the right size for your player’s usage is dictated by the distance between mound to plate, for the age levels using the cage.

Mound to plate distances can range from 38, 44, 48, 54 to 60 ft 6 inches for the pros.


The optimal length for a baseball batting cage is 70 feet. This allows room on the pitcher’s end for storage of equipment, such as machines, portable mound, ball carts, etc. while allowing plenty of room for regulation distance between pitcher to batter.


The standard width is 12 or 14 ft wide.

If your players are younger or shorter than about 6 ft tall, 12 ft wide tunnels can be adequate – just keep in mind that wing-spans and bat lengths can vary.

The standard is 14 ft wide, and much more comfortable for players of all sizes.


The standard height is 12 ft high. You will need to allow approximately 8-12″ of netting to sag on the ground to properly contain balls, so the result is 11 ft playable cage height. Keep in mind the taller the cage, the better. See comments below for more info on the benefits of a larger cage.

The minimum height depends on the players using the tunnel (wing-span), but batting cages as short as 8 feet can work in most situations. Just be advised shorter cages will greatly reduce ball flight tracking, and will also reduce the life-span of the netting due to the proximity between bat & netting.

Typical Size – 70’L x 14’W x 12’H

If I don’t have the space, is using a shorter batting cage worthwhile?

Certainly. Some coaches only need a short tunnel to throw “soft toss or coach toss” pitches to their players, allowing the batter to practice their hand-eye coordination & technique. In this case. a shorter tunnel is just fine.

Advantages of Shorter Tunnels

The only real benefits of using a shorter cage (regardless of your player’s regulation mound to plate distance), is to save money or space.

If space is not an issue and you aren’t down to your last $100, we highly recommend using a minimum of a 70 ft long batting cage net. In our 12+ years of working in the batting cage business, we have never had someone call back with regrets of ordering too BIG of a batting tunnel but have heard plenty of customers tell us they wish they would have ordered a bigger tunnel.

Advantages of Bigger Batting Tunnels

Regardless of pitcher to batter distance & height of players, there are still some definite pros to using a larger sized cage.

1) Your players can grow into it.

2) You can use the extra length for equipment storage behind the pitcher, such as a machine & ball cart.

3) The wider & taller the tunnel, the better. Why? Because this allows you to track the ball flight. This gives you instant feedback on where your players are hitting the ball. When confined to a small space, the ball will immediately be knocked down by the netting, giving your players no clue on whether they need to work on hitting inside-out pitches, or pushing the ball to the opposite field.

Giant Sized Batting Cage Installed by PSI at University of Nebraska

Visit our batting cage frames page.

Find Standard batting cage nets.

Find Custom batting cage nets.

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