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Chain Link Fence Topper | Protect Kids, Pets, and Fences

Chain link fences are a popular way to enclose yard space due to low-cost and the ease of installation. However, the exposed twist (or barb) on top is potentially harmful to people and pets. Luckily, it's easy to minimize hazards and weather damage with a chain link fence topper. Chain Link Fence Concerns Often times, [...]

Fence Toppers for Baseball & Softball Fields

We have many people looking for fence toppers for their chain-link fencing on baseball and softballs fields. Often, without the fence toppers fields will have an incomplete or feeling that something is missing. These can also be used as protection as many chain-link fences have sharp edging on the top that is typically bent down [...]
Also posted in Field Equipment || Tagged field equipment, fence toppers, safety top cap, safe foam2 Comments