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GaGa Ball for Birthdays | Host the Ultimate Party

Host the Ultimate PartyGaGa Ball PitsHost the Ultimate Party Is your birthday right around the corner? Are you stuck thinking of ways on how to make your next birthday party uniquely unforgettable? Consider incorporating a Gaga Ball Pit into your celebration. They're not just for schoolyards–they’re the ultimate indoor / outdoor activity that brings excitement [...]

Creating an Inclusive Playground | Customer Spotlight

Nestled within the warm embrace of Stony Brook Church lies a playground that echoes the very essence of inclusivity and community. Pastor Jon Annin, with nearly two years under his care at the church, is passionate about ensuring that every child feels not just welcome but truly involved. His journey to revamp the old playground [...]

The Best Glue For Rubber Playground Safety Tiles

CX-948 Urethane Glue Contact Us for a quote on this glue - and view pricing for the rubber playground tiles here. Product Info: For all of our rubberized safety surfacing, flooring, and paver installations globally, there's the CX-948 solution. It is everything you need to install, repair, replace, and protect your project's investment for many [...]

Dog Park Supplies for Apartment Complexes

For many pet owners, finding a place to take their furry friends for exercise and play is essential. While some apartments offer pet-friendly amenities, such as walking paths or grassy patches, many lack the ease and variety of a full-fledged dog park. For apartment complex owners and managers, the addition of dog park supplies provides [...]

Mulch for Playgrounds | Best Materials for Playgrounds

When it comes to children playing, safety is key. With plenty of falls and jumps happening at the playground, parents expect their kids to land safely and get back to the key task at hand - play. So, we've made a list of some of the best materials and mulch for playgrounds to ensure everyone [...]
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Rules to Gaga Ball – Standard and Variations

Gaga, the safer alternative to Dodgeball, is fast-paced fun for everyone. Perfect for schools, churches, and playgrounds, kids (and adults) of all abilities and skill levels go gaga for this popular game. Since everyone participates, everyone can win! Easily install your own or head to a nearby Gaga pit. Learn the rules to Gaga Ball [...]
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Calculate the Amount of Mulch to Order for Playgrounds

As a cost-effective engineered wood fiber (EWF) known for its ability to absorb high impacts, as well as excellent slip resistance and accessibility, WoodCarpet mulch is an excellent wood mulch for playgrounds. However, when it comes to ordering, clients often wonder how to calculate the amount of mulch needed for their project. To answer that [...]
Also posted in Playground, Surfaces || Tagged EWF, WoodCarpet Mulch, playground mulch2 Comments

Chain Link Fence Topper | Protect Kids, Pets, and Fences

Chain link fences are a popular way to enclose yard space due to low-cost and the ease of installation. However, the exposed twist (or barb) on top is potentially harmful to people and pets. Luckily, it's easy to minimize hazards and weather damage with a chain link fence topper. Chain Link Fence Concerns Often times, [...]

Make a Gaga Ball Pit – Everything You Need

Remember how much excitement (or dread) you were filled with when the PE teacher called out dodgeball? Well, gaga ball is a popular, gentler dodgeball-type game, and it's easy to make a gaga ball pit for schools, playgrounds, or your own backyard. Gaga Ball is played in a large octagon, hexagon, or circular pit with [...]

How to Get Rid of Standing Water on Concrete

Standing water causes damage over time. Fortunately, we've found a great solution for how to get rid of standing water on concrete. Not only is standing water an eyesore, but also damaging to concrete. Over time, issues such as cracks, holes, and even displaced slabs may result. Eliminating the cause for standing water is often [...]