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Fence Toppers for Baseball & Softball Fields

We have many people looking for fence toppers for their chain-link fencing on baseball and softballs fields. Often, without the fence toppers fields will have an incomplete or feeling that something is missing. These can also be used as protection as many chain-link fences have sharp edging on the top that is typically bent down but can still create a potential hazard if somerun comes in contact with the fence. This is a quick guide to show what options are available for this common item.
There are three basic options to cover the top of fencing – fence crown, fence top cap, and fence rail & post padding.

Fence Crown:

Fence Crown is constructed of corrugated plastic which is a cost effective option to give fencing a “big league” look. These are available in 100′ & 250′ long coils. Due to the long sizes these must ship freight. They are available in yellow and black colors and are secured to the fence by using zip ties. The fence crown also has a specialized tool that makes putting the product on the fence much easier than just installing by hand. The 100′ coils weigh 27 lbs and the 250′ coils weigh 67 lbs. Has a 3 year warranty and is certified to contain only 100% virgin resin with no filler.

Fence Crown Installation Tool

Safety Top Cap:

Safety Top Cap serves two purposes. First the unique design provides protection against possible bodily injury by covering the exposed barbs. Second, it displays nicely as a decorative trim piece to complement any galvanized or colored chaing link fencing system. These can simply snap over the top of the fence and lock to the chain link using steel-hog rings which are included with the purchase. The hog-rings install through three pre-drilled holes on each 8’L section (standard length). These are manufactured using UDPE plastic with UV stabilizers. They’re designed to endure high impact and resist the harmful effects of the sun and withstand severe weather conditions. Each 8′ section measures 5.5″H x 2.75″ wide. These are available in yellow, red, green, white, royal blue, brown, & black colors. Has a 25 year limited warranty against breakage under normal conditions.

Fence Cap

Premium SafeFoam Padding for Rails & Post Padding:

The SafeFoam product is the best material to use aesthetically. This is the same materials that is used by professional teams on and around dugout areas. These can be used on any pole 2″ or less in diameter. In addition to giving a professional appearance the SafeFoam reduces bounce-back of balls and offer superior protection for players that may run into the post or rails. These are sold in 8′ sections and have a 3/4″ thick pad. These are secured using zip ties which come in 19″ length and red, yellow, black or green colors. Has a 5 year pro-rated warranty.

SafeFoam Premium Rail Padding
SafeFoam Premium Rail Padding with Custom Logo
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