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Standard VCP Specifications

Construction: 1,000 denier x 1,000 denier vinyl coated polyester mesh (9 x 12 ends/inch). Fabric Weight: 8oz./sq. yd. Shading: 70% Shading. Grab Tensile Strength (Method 5100): 170 x 210 lbs. Strip Tensile Strength (Method 5102): 130 x 160 lbs. Tongue Tensile Strength (Method 5134): 75 x 70 lbs. Sewn Hems: Three-Ply hem with ends and [...]
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PrivaScreen Specifications

Constructed with high density polyethylene for excellent outdoor longevity. It is also knitted, so if the material is cut or torn it will not unravel. Available in 3 different finishing options: - 150’ Rolls – Extra polyethylene yarn is knitted into the top and bottom edges so PrivaScreen90 is ready to install right off the [...]
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Direct to Concrete Installation Instructions for Artificial Turf

Glue Down Artificial Turf Installation Procedures   Artificial turf installation requires planning. That’s why we’ve created this instruction and tips guide to help during the process. Check the texture, color, and style upon delivery of the artificial turf. In other words, identify any defects prior to installation.   Concrete Floor Preparation   Temperature and Humidity: […]

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The 5 Best Outdoor Batting Cage Frame Kits

All you need is a quality outdoor batting cage frame to shake off the winter dust and get back into baseball shape again! Now ... where to begin? Should you go with an In-Ground, Above-Ground / Free-Standing, or Trapezoid Style? Aluminum, PVC, Steel, Galvanized, or Powder-coated? Should you anchor it down, or let it hang [...]

How To Install Artificial Turf Over Grass / Dirt [Outdoor Installation Guide]

Installing synthetic turf outdoors is a process. While not incredibly technical, there are key steps to ensure your turf area looks good, performs well, and doesn’t get washed away. 3 Keys to Success When Installing Synthetic Turf Proper excavation Solid base Anchoring the turf Excavation / Installation of Base Foundation The first step is to [...]
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Digital or Screen Printed Logos? (for Windscreens & Padding)

Team logos can be seen everywhere in the sports world, especially on custom windscreen and wall padding logos. A team logo or name becomes a focal point for fans. Logos boost team pride and, as a result, team sponsorships. For the casual fan, a logo is a logo. For the sports facility owner, high quality [...]

Custom Windscreen Buyer’s Guide

Instant Pricing on Custom WindscreensEnter your dimensions. See an instant quote in a variety of materials.See Your Quote Now Custom windscreens (shade screens, privacy screens) are very useful for a wide variety of applications. Tennis courts, baseball / softball fields, residential and even construction sites benefit from a quality windscreen. However, selecting a custom windscreen [...]

Don’t hire a sports facility installer until you read this [Top 5 Questions To Ask] …

[Before Booking your Sports Facility Installation] - Use our Sports Facility Install Guide. What You'll Learn: Discover why some bids are lower. Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Installer (before ordering) The 4 types of installers you’ll encounter in your search. Sports facility installation can be a tricky business. It’s a highly specialized service, so [...]

How to Build A Custom Putting Green in 5 Steps

More golfers are realizing the benefits to their short game by adding a custom putting green to their home or office. Our SYNLawn greens can be custom shaped to conform with your space. Add a rough and chipping area nearby to practice your green approach, since 80% of shots lost to par are inside 125 [...]

What makes game court tiles different? [3 things to LOOK OUT for]

At Practice Sports (and Play, Inc.), we have installed sports equipment and game courts nationwide for over 15 years. We know what quality equipment looks & feels like, having installed for numerous manufacturers, many jobs being replacements of failed equipment. One product we have sold for multiple companies is Court Tiles. After experiencing firsthand the […]