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Fixed Eye Roller Wheel

Removable Pin


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Watch a video showing the difference between standard Roller Wheels & the PSI FlexRoller.

An excellent high-end pulley roller wheel to help alleviate your netting / batting cage mobility issues. These roller wheels are specially designed for full clearance, to eliminate “drag” on your lines. Drag is one the most common reasons why netting does not slide easily on cable lines — the cause of this is low quality roller wheels.

Our Premium 2″ Roller Wheels are Made in the USA, and include an oil lubricated bushing for smooth rolling. Also included is a removable pin to allow these to be retro-fit to your existing cable lines. Without the removable pin, the cable lines would need to be removed to string the roller onto your cable lines – this will save HOURS of work and high costs.

Roller Wheels are vital when sliding your nets frequently on cable lines.

TIP: Install majority of rollers where most of downward tension will be placed, i.e. on the end a person will be pushing the net from. The cable fits into the groove on the roller wheel, which allows your net to slide much easier. The more rollers used the easier mobility will be – every 18″ – 36″ is typically adequate.


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