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Your Baseball Field and You: Halo Kits

Halo Kits for baseball and softball fields are more becoming more commonly used for all types of schools and cities with large and limited budgets. Halo Kits outline the area behind home-plate. A high-quality halo kit will prevent this area from being worn out from regular foot traffic, reducing costly grass maintenance. Halo kits are also an excellent medium to display logos or names for your team mascot, partners/sponsors, or memorials. These can be fitted to suit almost any size field and create a more professional feel. They are spike resistant so there’s no need to limit what types of shoes are worn by the players. So both spikes and cleats can be worn without fear of damaging the turf halo kit surface. The halo comes standard with a 5mm foam pad glued onto the back so in addition to being durable it offers shock absorption. They are referred to as a “halo kit” because they come pre-cut in several large sections to allow you to piece together on-site. It’s recommended to glue your halo kit to a concrete surface – glue/concrete not included (more info on the concrete base below).

Halo Kit with Wings

The type of turf used on the halo kits is equivalent to our Grand Slam Nylon Deluxe Turf with 5mm Foam Pad constructed of a durable 42 oz DuPont Nylon face with UV inhibitors. This is a higher grade material that is estimated to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years minimum under constant use.

The UV inhibitors will prevent fading and damage from sunlight. The total height with the padding is 3/4″ which is thick for artificial turf. The foam padding is also water proof so there’s no need to add extra treatment or worry about the durability of the padding. This makes the halo kit an item that is more valuable as an investment into the overall look and diminished maintenance requirements to your playing field.

The standard sizes on the halo kits for baseball and softball are 5′ and 10′. This measurement is in relation to the thickness of the turf from the back of home plate moving towards the backstop (see below pic for exact measurements). These are also available with or without wings. The wings are an extra feature that has turn running down the baselines (first & third base) which makes the halo kit feel more integrated and a natural part of the playing field. Also the wings allow you to add logos on them to make it more customized. This is especially helpful for schools and teams that rely on boosters and outside financial support to include the logos of those groups or organizations.

Halo with Glued Logo
Halo Kit with Glued Custom Logos

Logos can also be added to the halos. These can be customized and use logos provided by you. The base color on the turf can also be customized and we can try to match if you have a non-standard color. We request that you either provide an exact sample or the Pantone color code for a specific color. We now offer both in-laid & an unglued logo option. The inlaid logo is glued directly into the turf base so the logo portion is part of the existing panels. The unglued logos are loose and fit into the halo turf base like a puzzle piece. The unglued option is ideal for groups that have a more limited budget although there is a bit more labor involved with installing.

Standard Green Colors
Custom Black Halo with Glued Logo

As mentioned previously it is recommended to install the turf on a concrete base. The following link is to the instructions for that base and also shows the exact panel quantity & dimensions.

Installation services are available and custom sizes are available. Please contact a sales associate for assistance.


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