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Standard One-Piece Practice Mounds

10"H x 10’6”L x 4’W

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Our Standard One-Piece Practice Mound elevates pitchers’ skills and confidence. With an innovative design, our mounds teach pitching mechanics, pick-off moves, balance work, and other drills. While they’re designed for tall pitchers, they’re perfect for everyone and are ideal for the bullpen, too. Use them on the gym or indoor facility floors without a scratch.

Built for Tall Players

At 10’6″ in length, even your tallest players are able to stride with confidence. And the full-body, poly-protected, resilient core construction gives pitchers a solid yet cushioned landing area reducing knee and ankle strain.

Lightweight for Easy Portability

As far as portability goes, these mounds only weigh 140 pounds. Since they are one-piece, it may require two people (one at each end) or a pitching mound cart to easily move due to its length. Still, portability is fairly simple.

Outlasts the Competition

Say goodbye to scratches. With its poly coating, this practice mound grips the gym’s floor, so it won’t leave behind scratch marks when moving.

Additionally, Standard One-Piece Practice Mounds use simulated rubbers, which last 10 times longer than industry standards. Also, no water absorption means you can practice outside with confidence.

But, just in case there is a problem, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Dimensions: 10″H x 10’6”L x 4’W

Weight: Only 140 lbs

Color Options: Green, Clay, or Red

Limited 10-year warranty

  • Inside and outside use
  • Kid pitch to professional
  • Gyms, training facilities, bullpens
  • Narrower, 4-foot width for storage
  • Stays in place on all gym floors
  • New 10’1/2″-foot length ideal for tall pitchers
  • Built in the United States
  • Highest quality fiberglass, poly, and turf materials
  • Two-piece models ideal for moving and storing
  • Oversized models ideal for pickoff moves and a full range-of-motion

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