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Creating an Inclusive Playground | Customer Spotlight

Nestled within the warm embrace of Stony Brook Church lies a playground that echoes the very essence of inclusivity and community. Pastor Jon Annin, with nearly two years under his care at the church, is passionate about ensuring that every child feels not just welcome but truly involved. His journey to revamp the old playground into a vibrant, inclusive space for all children reflects a deep commitment to making a difference within the community.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Pastor’s experience with Practice Sports and the inclusive playground supplies and surfaces he chose to build a beautiful playground.

Planning an Inclusive Playground

When Annin became the Pastor at Stony Brook Church, updating the old playground became a top priority. The Pastor described the playground’s condition as, “very old, very almost dangerous, kinda falling apart in disrepair” and, he adds, “Every time it rained it turned into a mud puddle.”

Despite the unsafe nature of the playground, kids would still play on it. So, Annin made the decision to not only fix up the existing playground but to also ensure it was a safe space for all children and families. It wasn’t just about an upgrade; it was about making a statement — a commitment to inclusivity.

After consulting with his wife, who has a background in Special Needs Ministry, Annin began the planning process thinking about what surface would work best for all. When considering mulch and other DIY surfaces, Annin realized that “the problem with those surfaces is that they don’t allow everyone to play equally.” After more research, he came across turf and realized that would be the perfect surface for all kids. Not only does turf eliminate the problem of a muddy mess, but it also provides a smooth, accessible (and appealing!) surface.

“We ended [up] with Practice Sports and honestly [it] has been a great experience from beginning to the end.”

– Pastor Jon Annin

turf playground

Playground Equipment

The emphasis on an inclusive design extended to the selection of equipment. The addition of a tornado slide and customized swings, including those for special needs, reflected a thoughtful approach to diverse needs. To give an idea of what it might take for a full playground makeover, here’s the full list of supplies that Stonybrook Church ordered:

Today, the new playground stands not just as a recreational area but as a testament to the church’s core values—a community woven with threads of inclusivity, care, and togetherness. It’s a reflection of the pastor’s vision to create a space where every child, regardless of ability or background, can play, laugh, and grow together.

In the words of Annin, “I would absolutely recommend Practice Sports Sports to anyone residential or commercial. Again, very helpful, great price point amongst the competitors, and honestly the biggest thing is just face-to-face communication all the way through.”

Need help planning your playground project? Ready to get a quote? Contact Us and a helpful employee will happily answer any questions.

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