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Batting Cage Turf FAQs

Here at Practice Sports, we frequently receive questions about batting cage turf. Consequently, we’ve come up with this list of answers to the most common questions.

What is the most economical batting cage turf for someone with a limited budget?

Fortunately, there are several options that are less expensive and still offer floor protection. Typically these turfs cost $2 or less per square foot. The majority of these turfs don’t have any type of padding underneath, but they do have a unitary backing or a backing similar to what is on residential carpets. There are two options that have padding which cost $2 or less per square foot:

                                            Double-Play 24 oz Poly Artificial Turf                                Double-Play 30 oz Poly Artificial Turf with Foam Pad


Both Double-Play 24 oz Poly Artificial Turf and Double-Play 30 oz Poly Artificial Turf with Foam Pad (pictured above) are affordable options. The foam pad provides better shock absorption, a must when it comes to agility training.

The other turfs available in this category are similar to what is used in miniature golf businesses. Most are under 1/4″ thick so please keep this in mind when shopping.

Use our Turf Finder to find quality turf in your budget.

What sizes are available?

All of the turf available at Practice Sports comes in either of the standard widths, which are 12′ or 15′. It may be possible to get wider rolls but we request you contact us in order to see if it’s possible for a particular roll since this service isn’t available for every turf option. As for the length, we can get any size you need within reason.

We usually don’t recommend going longer than 100′ in length for a few reasons. Firstly, the shipping on a larger roll will cost more via freight because of the increased weight. Secondly, a single large roll will be harder to move on site because of the increased weight as well.

Is the batting cage turf available in different colors?

The typical standard turf color is green unless otherwise specified on each individual listing. We have thinner putting turf that is available in a combination of colors.

After using the Turf Finder, you’ll select Econo Grade under the Quality search option. When you scroll down you’ll see the different colors available (Base-Hit Artificial Turf). For a higher grade turf, the Grand Slam Deluxe Turf comes in multiple colors. When choosing this option, Contact Us for pricing on different color options.

Our shop can also try to color match to a specific sample.

Do I need batters box mats?

Since the batter will be pivoting on a foot while hitting, a stance mat is recommended. If the mat is not in place, the area where the batters stand will wear much quicker than the rest of the turf area. If you don’t have any turf in place then it will depend on the ground surface. Of course if it’s being used outdoors, you’ll want to make sure you have a stable, reliable surface. Ideally, you’ll want to place the stance mat on an aggregate base. If going on grass, you’ll want to remove and store the mat so you don’t kill the grass beneath.

There are two basic sizes: 6′ x 12′ and 7’x12′. In the 6′ x 12′ option, we have both a poly and nylon version (nylon is more durable) and you also have the option of choosing a white painted plate or a separate white inlaid plate. With the painted version, you’ll have to touch up the plate yearly since it will fade and the paint will wear off. The inlaid version will be permanent so it doesn’t require any maintenance.

Contact Us with any additional questions that weren’t covered or if you need help getting your project started. 

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