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Another Amazing Indoor Sports Field Turf (Without Messy Infill)

Introducing our newest member of the SportScape NO-INFILL family! A perfect artificial turf for indoor training facilities.

SportScape IV (Poly Blade / Nylon Thatch)

58 oz Sports Field Turf with Foam Pad

  • Sold Per Square Foot
  • 15’W Rolls Only (10’Long Minimum)


Another addition to the highly popular Sportscape / no-infill family! Introducing Sportscape V‘s little brother – but not by much!

Weighing in at 58 oz (compared to 69 oz), this leaner version offers a more economical option for those seeking a low-maintenance field turf type product – while maintaining the benefits our clients have grown to love about Sportscape.

A truly awesome sports training turf – easy on the knees, with a “non burn” Poly face, and heavy-duty built-in Nylon blades in the base for extra shock absorption. Plus a thick 5 mm foam pad pre-installed on the back for easy installation.

Gone are the days of a maintenance nightmare in-fill product.

Here’s what you can avoid with this product – while maintaining a “field turf” feel:

  • NO tractor with commercial spreaders for the rubber.
  • NO weekly grooming & re-application of rubber beads.
  • NO concern of rubber contamination with bacteria & sweaty mildew smell.
  • NO mess to sweep up throughout your facility every day!

All weather Poly long-blade with heavy-duty Nylon tufted / in-laid into base – results in a low-maintenance (minimal grooming to “fluff” over the years) with all the benefits of a “field turf” fill application.

Quick Facts:

  • Rubber Cleat-resistant (will withstand some steel spike traffic due to turf tufted into base)
  • UV-Inhibitors.
  • Face constructed with a non-abrasive / 58 oz. 100% Polyethylene blade, with 100% DuPont Nylon in-laid into base for durability.
  • Total approx turf blade height: 1″ // Total approx height with 5 mm Pad: 1-1/4″
  • Width of Turf Rolls: 15′
  • Length: Up to 200’L with 10’L minimum.
  • Color: Field Green

Is infill required?

No! This is the biggest benefit of Sportscape, and the reason it has become so popular for indoor sports facilities. Rubber infill creates a huge unexpected burden on facilty owners, not prepared for the long-term maintenance aspect of owning a turf with infill. The double-whammy is when it’s time to change locations, or re-sell your turf. Removing turf with infill is incredibly expensive, and very few companies can even extract the rubber. The result will be rolls weighing 5,000+ lbs greatly reducing the resale value, if any.


  • Rubber Cleat resistant (will withstand casual steel spike traffic due to Nylon tufted into base)
  • Long blade / soft face creates realistic “short cut grass” look & feel
  • Woven Nylon thatch base – creates extra cushion & durability
  • High abrasion-resistance
  • Thick face creates good shock absorption during running
  • Will not cause bad burns when sliding
  • Great for indoor agility training, batting cages, football or soccer fields / indoor or out
  • Excellent price value

This product has very good impact absorption, and works great for casual impact / agility training, such as batting cages, baseball fields, lacrosse, cricket, and light-duty soccer use.


  • May flatten down in high-wear areas over time when compared to short pile “astro turf” (Nylon maintains shape better than Poly)

Overall Value Ratings (1-5):

  • Durability (harsh conditions): 4.8/5
  • Versatility: 4.9/5
  • Shock absorption: 4.9/5 (with foam)
  • Price Value: 5/5

Final Score: 4.9 / 5.0

How can I install this sports field turf?

For low impact applications, turf can be “loose laid” and work just fine. The longer & heavier roll, the better it will stay in place under traffic. The padded option is naturally heavier and will stay in place better than the un-padded option.

The best method is using glue along the edges and seams, or a full glue for a more permanent / heavy-duty foot-traffic application. Double-faced tape can also be used for medium impact applications, or those that expect to re-locate the turf in the future.

How to Order (multiply L x W):

Enter your total square footage in the Qty box above to check-out. This turf is available in 15 ft wide rolls only.

Example) If your area is 100′ x 15′, you would need 1,500 sq ft. If your area is 100′ x 15′, you would need 1,500 sq ft.

*We can’t cut down the width of this turf, but this is an easy step on the job-site with a utility blade / box cutter. TIP: cut from the back-side, use a laser & chalk-line for precision.

Get a total Quote and Order here.

Contact Us for high volume pricing, or any questions or samples.

Thanks for reading about our high quality indoor sports turf.

Practice Sports, Inc.


14706 Giles Rd.

Omaha, NE 68138

  1. Glenn Callen
    Glenn Callen
    May 31, 2020 at 5:02 pm

    When rolled up for storage, How high would a 100 foot by 15 foot roll be ?

    • chad
      June 5, 2020 at 9:13 am

      Hi Glenn,
      It depends on the turf, but approximately 3-4 ft in diameter.

      Do you need a quote?


      Chad Schneider Operations Director
      Practice Sports, Inc. | 14706 Giles Rd. Omaha, NE 68138
      800.877.6787 x805 | 402.592.2000 | Fax: 800.577.3046 |

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