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Shayz In-Pool Lounger (Set of Two)

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The most comfortable in-pool chaise lounge chair in the world — made for people of all ages and the widest range of heights.

We believe an in-pool chaise lounge chair should be comfortable, easy to use, and work in various pool depths. Like the Shayz In-Pool Lounger, which gives you the best of everything you’re looking for. This set of two chairs is the perfect start to your outdoor lounge area.

  • #1 in Comfort: Relax in this sculpted seat with contoured lumbar support and dual armrests. Also, the relaxed leg support reduces pressure points, which is more comfortable for many people.
  • “Social” Backrest Angle: The more upright seating position is perfect for watching the kids, talking with friends, reading, or sipping on a refreshment.
  • Easier entry and exit: The dual armrests support body weight while you enter and exit the seat.
  • Cupholders: Sized for insulated cups and stainless steel can holders. Also, the cupholders are in the perfect spot for drinking without having to lean forward.
  • Speed Fill Ballast System: The easiest and fastest in-pool furniture ballast (a.k.a. added weight) system in the world.
  • Flow through seat design: Refreshing pool water passes through the large openings under the armrests.
  • Seat Drain: The sculpted seat has a drain hole placed at the lowest area on the seat to allow pool water to recirculate and for rainwater drainage when using the chaise outside of the pool.
  • Integrated Handles: A pass-through handle is located at the top of the headrest and recessed finger grip channels are located under each armrest. Also, the large holes under the armrests add a center-balanced carrying point for easy carrying by one person.
  • Optional Hanging Pillow: A counterbalanced pillow hangs from the headrest handle and can be easily positioned vertically without having to move from the seat to make adjustments.
  • Optional Risers to Increase Seat Height: Optional 4″, 8″, and 12″ risers are designed to integrate into the overall design of Shayz. The user can purchase risers so they can tune Shayz to a height that is within their desired range. Some users want to be submerged, while others want to sit above the water. Plus, when Risers are added they do not change the seating angles of Shayz.
  • Stackable: When not in use, neatly stack your Shayz in storage. Note: Remove the optional risers from Shayz to enable stacking. Once removed, the risers are also stackable.
  • 7 standard colors

Additional Benefits:

  • Rotomolded polyethylene construction with UV fade inhibitors.
  • Made to last in swimming pools – safe for all pool types including vinyl liners.
  • Rust Proof & Waterproof
  • Durable – extreme impact resistance
  • Weight Limit: Supports over 400 pounds
  • Chemical Resistance – can withstand hundreds of chemicals, body oils, and fluids
  • Easy Wash – use soap, water, and many common cleaning products.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Shayz is approximately 34 pounds when empty and not filled with water.
  • 5 Year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

Maximum Pool Depths with and without the Optional Risers:

Optional Items:

Shayz Pillow Detail


    • EZ Dri foam insert and outdoor fabric cover
    • Unique counterbalance weight that allows the user to adjust the pillow vertically while seated
    • Zero elastic
    • Includes a hidden pocket for storing a phone, room key, or wallet
    • Available in white, aqua, or navy

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump:

    • Each Shayz includes a vacuum valve
    • To use, attach the pump hose and pump for 1-2 minutes until water ejects
    • Replaces air with water through multiple openings
    • Adds extra ballast weight to the core, making it more resistant to waves and wind
Optional White Pillows
Optional Aqua Pillows
Optional Navy Pillows

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