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Rad Pad – Pool Cushion


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A cushion that’s waterproof and weatherproof — it’s totally RAD!

Relax by the pool on a Rad Pad, a floor and seat pad for indoor and outdoor use that’s easy to wash and disinfect. By using the same material used in the cushioned soles of athletic shoes, Rad Pads are waterproof, weatherproof, lightweight, chemical resistant, and high quality.

Rad Pad Uses

Schools: Rad Pad is the easiest floor and seat pad to wash and disinfect. It’s also lightweight and great for indoor and outdoor learning environments.

At Home: Use around the pool as a cushioned floor cushion on the edge of the pool. Or use it as a seat cushion on a hard chair or seat surface.

Use it anywhere a little extra seat cushioning would help. It also insulates you from hot, cold, or dirty seating surfaces.

Rad Pads vs. Traditional Cushions

Traditional cushions are made with open-cell foam that acts as a sponge and absorbs fluids (including bodily fluids) and cleaning chemicals that enter the foam core through the seams in fabric covers. Over time, open cell foam flattens out and loses its cushioning. On the other hand, Rad Pad is a radically new cushion design that keeps its shape when used by anyone in any environment.

Rad Pad Caddy:
Designed with a slight curve on the top handle for safety and for easy one-handed carrying. Each lightweight, powder-coated matte black Rad Pad Caddy holds up to 10 Rad Pads.

Dimensions: 19.75″ product height.

Rad Pad Features:

  • Stackable: want a taller floor/seat pad? Simply stack up a few Rad Pads and you’re all set.
  • Waterproof: similar cushioning material commonly used for athletic shoe soles.
  • Weatherproof: indoor and outdoor year-round performance.
  • Protection: Rad Pad protects your clothes from dirt and moisture when used on the ground/grass, landscape walls, or bleachers. It adds protection from the scorching temperature of many outdoor seating surfaces.
  • Lightweight: averages only 0.8 pounds per Rad Pad. Easy to carry.
  • Long Term: specialized material maintains its full cushioning ability through thousands of compression cycles – just like the sole of your high-end athletic shoes.
  • Washable: wash in a sink or use a water hose outdoors.  Will not absorb soap or disinfecting chemicals.
  • Stain Resistant: Paint? Food? Grass? Dirt? – most stains can be 100% removed with soap and water.
  • Stackable: center hole allows for stacking on the Rad Pad Caddy for easy storage and transporting of up to 10 pads.
  • Low Profile:  combination of bottom air flow design and ultra cushioning material achieves the same feeling as competitors traditional floor pads that are 2x – 3x thicker.
  • Minimized Seat Height Impact:  low profile design will not drastically increase seat heights when used as a seat cushion on chairs, stools, steps, bleachers, or landscape walls.
  • Air Flow Design: eliminates moisture trapping against flooring and seating surfaces.
  • Safe: free of phthalates, heavy metals, and latex.
  • Rugged: holds up to years of use in high-traffic spaces.

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