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Buying a Pitching Mound

A portable pitching mound is a valuable addition to your facility. However, pitching mounds can be expensive and there are many different brands.

Before purchasing your mound, consider the players’ ages and the intended usage. Be sure to find a mound that is right for your needs to avoid overpaying.


The age of your players affects the rubber height:

  • Youth mounds: 6 inches or less.
  • High School, College, Pro mounds: 10 inches


There are two types of pitching mounds:

  • Practice Mounds (or Bullpen Mounds)
  • Game Mounds
Game Mound
Practice Mound
Practice Mound

Game Mounds

Game mounds are generally more expensive than practice mounds.

They feature tapered edges, allowing the mound to lie flush with the ground. Thus creating a safe environment for pickoff moves, pop ups and other game situations.

Additionally, game mounds are frequently more solid and heavy than other mounds.

Practice Mounds (aka Bullpen Mounds)

Practice (or Bullpen) mounds are designed for straight-ahead pitching practice only.

The edges on practice mounds run straight up and down instead of tapered, like Game Mounds. Therefore, they’re not suitable for games.

On the plus side, practice mounds are generally less expensive than game mounds.


Additional features, such as handles or breakdown capability, are available for a higher price.

Mound Tips:

• Rubber height is measured from level ground surface to top of rubber.
• Taller pitchers need longer and wider mounds, and younger players will grow, so be sure to consider length and width when buying your mound.
• Create a safer game environment when using your game mound by packing dirt around the tapered edges.

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