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Backyard Sports Court

The 8 Benefits of a Backyard Sports Court

backyard sports court

A backyard sports court gives YOUR KIDS …

So much more exercise. So many less couches.
… More fresh air. Less screens.
.. .More hitting .. pickleballs or tennis balls. Less hitting each other.
… More shooting basketballs. Less shooting (and missing) laundry at the hamper.

A backyard sports court gives MOM & DAD …

So much more family time.
… More bonding with the kids.
… More time … without the kids : )
… Less broken things … from indoor sports.

Should I go on?

If you’d like a list of another 8 ways a backyard court will improve your family life, just ask!

PS – if you can’t get a backyard sports court in your life fast enough, just shoot … me an email or call! (/bad court pun)

Here’s to a happier & healthier home life!

Subject: What size backyard court should I get?

So … now that you’ve decided a backyard court is totally happening, the only question is ….


Standard Dimensions for a Full-Sized Regulation Court

  • High-school: 84’ x 50’
  • NBA: 94’ x 50’

But if you don’t expect Lebron & friends to stop by for a pick-up game, and only need “about a half court” to just shoot around, here are some other very usable sizes to consider:

  • 40’ x 50’
  • 30’ x 30’

Tip: If you want the full high-school 3-point arc to fit along the baselines, you will need at least 50 ft wide.

basketball court dimensions

Here’s a snapshot of regulation high-school court dimensions, to allow you to game plan your optimal size.

If you’re mainly looking to allow for dropping 3-point bombs, here’s a closeup look at the regulation 3-point distances for each level.

3 point line

Tip: Also remember you have to accommodate for your hoop “overhang”. The over-hang is the distance between the hoop pole & backboard. This is a safety measure, to allow for more time to slow down after a fast-break to the glass. Standards are between 4-5 ft, but check with your hoop manufacturer spec to verify.

After you have a rough idea (in your dreams) on the optimal backyard basketball court dimensions, it’s a good idea to…

Map Out Your Backyard Sports Court

Tools to use:

  • Tape measure
  • Marking tool – string / chalk-line / spray paint / flags

Measure out your layout, then mark at least the corners with your marking tool of choice from above.

Take into consideration distances between objects like fences, sheds, decks, gardens or playsets. You’ll want to leave a comfortable distance between the court and these objects to allow a “safety zone”, to give players enough time to slow down before flying off the court to save a ball for the assist to MJ on the game-winning 3 bomb.

Consult Your Local City Codes

to determine the allowances for impervious surfaces coverage. City codes restrict home-owners from having too high of a “concrete” / non-drainable surface to grass / permeable surface. This allows for proper rain-water drainage into the ground, and prevents wash-out and “down-hill” issues.

The last thing you want is to pour concrete pad, only to be informed by your city code enforcer that you violate the code, and have to tear it out. And trust me, this can happen!

If you’re looking for a way around this, a court with crushed-rock sub-base is a loop-hole in this ordinance, because it’s still fully vertically drainable. The ball bounce is not quite as firm / true as with a concrete sub-base, but if it’s the only path to a backyard court, it might be a game-saver for you!

Check-out this article for more info about preparing a sub-base WITHOUT CONCRETE.

And if you have questions, please leave them in the comments section. We’re always happy to help.

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