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Tips and Guidelines for Successfully Submitting Product Photos and Videos

Thank you so much for your interest in submitting photos and videos of your favorite Practice Sports equipment. Your photos and videos may be shared on social media, help illustrate blog articles and instructions, or be used in videos to help fellow customers make the right choice on their next purchase. We encourage you to [...]
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From Napkin Sketch to the Baseball Facility of Your Dreams [With Client Video Tour]

From Napkin Sketch to the Baseball Facility of Your Dreams.   It started with a napkin sketch. Dusty Downs was finally doing it. He had been working hard at his lawn care business, but he'd had a longtime dream to open up a baseball facility. He knew it was finally time to start working towards [...]

nCage Varsity 4 Section 55 ft Long Outdoor Batting Cage Frame Instructions

nCage Varsity 4 Section 55 Ft Outdoor Batting Cage Frame Instructions Congratulations Congratulations on your purchase. These are the instructions for the nCage Varsity 4 Section 55 ft Long Outdoor Batting Cage. This frame supports batting cage nets up to 55 ft in length. A Few Tips Everyone hates reading instructions, but please, before you […]

How to Install an Indoor Batting Cage

How to Install an Indoor Batting Cage Some topics at Practice Sports are truly evergreen. How to install an indoor batting cage is absolutely one of them. We have that conversation with someone every day on the phone. We have that conversation over LiveChat. We've written about it. We've drawn diagrams. Somehow, though, we've never [...]

Best Rubber Flooring for Home Gyms

We’ve seen an explosion of home gyms in the last year. If you’re looking to define a workout area in your home there are many options. Today, we’re taking a closer look at one of those options for the best rubber flooring for home gyms. Rubber flooring is a great solution for your home gym, [...]
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Our Favorite Artificial Turf Products of 2021

Our Favorite Artificial Turf Products of 2021 At Practice Sports, we love talking turf, so here's our favorite artificial turf products of 2021. These are the turfs we recommend to our customers time and time again, so not only are they our favorites, but they end up being our most popular turf choices as well. [...]

Join CoachNation, the Co-Op for Coaches

What is Coach Nation? Practice Sports has connected thousands of coaches nationwide with great prices on the equipment they need. Now it's time to take the next step. We're forming a network of coaches who need equipment year in and year out and want to save money. Part co-cop, part knowledge-base, Coach Nation will help [...]
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Turf Mat Giveaway Contest Results

We had a huge response to our Turf Mat Giveaway Contest. We asked for photos of our customer’s home batting cages and you delivered. Thank You For the Amazing Entries For Or Home Batting Cage Contest The stories about how much your home batting cages have helped you during these challenging times has been heartwarming. […]

Best Home Gym Flooring

Home gym floors take a beating. They have to be durable enough to withstand dropped weights, countless sit-ups, and the wear and tear of daily agility training. Since 2020 the number of home gyms has skyrocketed and we've helped a countless number of customers explore the best home gym flooring options based on their needs [...]

Backyard and Deck Slide FAQ – Read Now!

Our Backyard Deck Slide FAQ is here. We were getting so many questions about the backyard deck slide. Our most popular item in 2020. It’s easy to transform your deck into an instant playset for the kids or grandkids. Backyard deck slides are an affordable way to give your child, grandchild, (maybe even the neighbor’s […]

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