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Indoor Home Batting Cages Made Easy

Indoor Batting Cages Made Easy

This is Indoor Batting Cages Made Easy, with Practice Sports.

You’re putting up a batting cage inside your home, but you don’t even know what you need to know.

Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outfitted thousands of homes nationwide with an indoor batting cage.

We’ll help you learn everything you need to know.


Ok, let’s get started.

First let’s determine what size net will work for your available space.

What Size Should Your Net Be?

  • Be sure to stay at least 1 foot away from walls and ceiling structure.
  • Stay a minimum of 3 feet away from unshielded lights and windows.
  • When determining the height of your net add an extra foot of sag on the ground to help prevent baseballs and softballs from escaping.
  • Pro Tip: Use NetShield to knock baseballs and softballs down flat so you can use every inch of the space you have.

What Kind of Net Do You Need?

Netting is available in two types of material

  • Poly: Less durable than nylon. More of a backyard, hobby type of material.
  • Nylon: More durable than Poly. Probably 90% of our customers order nylon.

Netting Gauge

Gauge refers to how thick the netting is. The higher the number, the thicker the net, the longer the lifespan.

Here’s a quick list of common gauges and their uses.

  • : #21 gauge
  • High School; University: #36  or #42 gauge
  • Commercial Facilities: #60 gauge

#36 Nylon is our most popular netting. Great for getting your player through high school.

Standard Size Net or Custom?

Now that you’ve read about our size guidelines, you’ve got a pretty good idea about the size of net you need.

The next step is to decide if a Standard Size Net will fit in your space, or if you’ll need us to build you a custom net.

Standard Size Nets

Standard Size Nets are available in 55 and 70 foot lengths at 12 and 14 ft widths. They can be made to work in spaces smaller than that without affecting their performance. (But you may not love the appearance of excess netting bunched up.)

Standard size nets are almost always in stock and ready to ship out within 3 business days.

Custom Built Nets

We can custom build a batting cage net to any size and shape, typically within a 10 – 12 business day build time.

Custom nets can be more expensive than standard size nets and are non-returnable.

You can enter your dimensions and receive an instant quote on your custom net with our Custom Net Calculator.


How To Install Your Batting Cage Net

The diagram above shows a typical overhead cable line.

These overhead cable lines span from wall to wall along the length of your net.

To prevent the ceiling of the net from sagging, we prefer to install overhead cable lines 6 – 8 feet apart.

For example,  the cable lines 12 foot wide standard sized net would be installed at a height of 11 feet (to allow a foot of sag on the ground to help prevent baseballs and softballs from escaping.)

Those 3 cable lines would be installed 6 ft apart from each other at that height.

  • Wood Wall Structures: Install wood headers that span from stud to stud to create attachment points for your net.
  • Concrete Block Wall Structures: Anchor directly into solid or hollow concrete walls.

For more on installation, please read our our Batting Cage Quick Start Guide, or dig deep into all these topics with our Netting & Installation Guide.

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