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Used Turf – Create a Golf Practice Space

Per Square Foot, 25 Foot Long Order Minimum


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Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Golfing Sanctuary

We understand that as a golf enthusiast, you value both quality and budget-friendly solutions. Look no further! We offer what many consider to be the best-used turf for creating your own putting greens and golf practice areas right at home.

That’s why we offer what many consider the finest “gently used turf” available, ensuring you enjoy premium quality at an affordable price. What’s even better? It’s never been officially used by anyone else.

Why Opt for Our Turf for Your Home Golfing Needs?

  • Perfect Putting Greens: Our turf is perfect for crafting your very own putting greens, ensuring you can practice your short game right in your backyard.
  • Golf Practice Zones: Create soft and inviting golf practice areas, bringing the golf course to your doorstep and honing your skills in your comfort zone.
  • Mini Golf Courses: Design your own mini golf course, offering endless fun and challenge for you, your family, and your friends.
  • Chipping Areas: Set up chipping zones that feel just like the real thing, perfect for practicing your approach shots.
  • Tee Boxes: Install our turf on your tee boxes, providing a professional and comfortable surface for perfecting your tee shots.


  • Standard In Stock Color: Green 
  • Other Colors pending availability: Red, Blue, White, Gray, Black

*Product color and quality may vary from the pictured turf


  • Sports turf: 48 oz – 60 oz / approx ½” – ¾” tall
  • Landscaping turf: 50 oz – 100 oz / approx 1” – 2” tall

**We offer no guarantees on the exact spec of turf you will receive – it will either be in the “sports turf” or “landscaping turf” category.

We are selling this turf at “used” prices, because it is considered “2nds quality”. 

What is “2nds quality?”

These products typically have a minor defect, and did not pass manufacturing quality control inspections to qualify as “1st quality.” The result is turf being sold at consignment / liquidated prices, to move the inventory out of our warehouses in Georgia. 

We occasionally have access to enough turf for full fields, pending availability. Contact Us to inquire about bulk discounts (over 20,000 sq ft).

Benefits of “used turf” from Practice Sports:

  • Completely clean
  • No messy rubber infill
  • Easier to manage rolls for shipping & installation
  • Professionally packaged rolls with cardboard cores & heavy-duty plastic wrap
  • No risk of giant gouges from machines during the removal process (this turf has never been installed)
  • Sizes will be very close to ordered (other used turf sizes are unpredictable)
  • Proper roll widths of 15’W (other used turf typically comes in 6-8’ wide)
  • Fast Shipping (orders typically ship out of Dalton, GA within 2-3 business days and deliver to any of the lower 48 states within 2 weeks of original order) 
Used turf from other companies includes pet urine, sweat, dirt, dust, and old rubber particles. This makes the turf very heavy, messy, smelly, and difficult to work with.

Full disclosure, our turf is not perfect.

This is why it’s being sold for such cheap prices. It  may have any of the following defects (but not limited to):

  • Wrinkles & creases
  • Color streaking
  • Fiber deformation
  • Urethane on the face
  • Inconsistent thatch height
  • Mixed yarn
  • Melted spots
  • Missing tufts
  • Pile distortion
  • Or even a shade of fizzled Pro Athlete Aspiration
  • The point is, the defects are unpredictable, and we make no guarantees
  • All sales are final


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