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Turf Velcro Seaming Service

Per Square Foot


Shipping quote needed. You will be contacted within 24 hours with shipping rates and options.


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Turf Velcro Seaming Services

Select turf onlyclick here for eligible turf)

Cost:+.65 / sq ft of total turf order.

Includes: velcro, materials, and labor.

Our turf velcro service makes your turf installation process easy, with velcro seams at your designated points.

e.g. (2) 8’W rolls with velcro edge to cover a 16’W span


  • Less wide rolls = cheaper freight costs, compared to ordering pre-seamed from factory.
  • Rolls become easier to manage when unloading & installing.
  • No glue required – simplified & cheaper installation – velcro your entire space together for secure fit.
  • Eliminate seams & tripping hazards.
  • Turf remains portable – allows for rolls to quickly detach & re-locate – perfect for leased or shared temporary areas.

The seam lines will be visible, but will not cause a tripping hazard.


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