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Choose and Install a Backyard Slide | Customer Interview

If you’re looking to install a backyard slide, it’s important to choose wisely to ensure endless fun and safety for your family. When you choose the right backyard slide, your outdoor space transforms into a thrilling play space for you and your kids.

In this interview, we talked to one customer with unique landscaping that helped him choose to install the Tunnel Express slide. Keep reading to find out how you can make a splash in your own backyard.

Choose the Right Backyard Slide

The decision to purchase a backyard slide often stems from the desire to create a fun and engaging outdoor space for children, adults, or both. I recently sat down with a Practice Sports customer to find out more about how he chose the Tunnel Express slide, installation tips and setbacks, and more. Read the following interview to find out more about the process.

Check out the creative installation the guys over at LemonMade did with one of our slides!

Tunnel Express slide

Practice Sports: What motivated you to purchase a slide in the first place? 

Tony: Great question. We’ve got a deck in the backyard with about a five feet deck height. This was during the height of the pandemic, and my little guy was just five years old then, so it was a perfect fit. Pun intended.

Which slide did you buy? Why did you choose that one?

We did the Tunnel Express. A lot of times your slide choice is determined by the location you’re putting it in. In this particular case, we were coming off a deck and needed to clear a bit of landscaping rock. We would have loved a spiral slide but it would have exited right into the landscaping, so the straight shot of the Tunnel Express was the solution.

Installation Process and Challenges

Can you describe the installation process, and was it straightforward or did you encounter any challenges?

I think every slide installation is going to have some kind of challenge, usually because of the environment around it, whether that’s landscape or structure. In our case, the entrance piece required support on the deck to attach to, so we put up a wood header to provide that structure. The bottom piece was also difficult to attach to the next section. My solution was to detach the next section from the rest of the slide, and then attach that to the exit piece, which made installation much easier. It’s also important to note that the exit section does not have all of its holes pre-drilled, so customers will need to drill those on-site. The reason for that is that there are so many variables when installing that final piece that drilling them at the factory just doesn’t make sense. It’s better to have the installer on the other end get those holes right where they need them.

Feedback and Tips

How satisfied are you with the quality of the slide and its durability since installation? We love it. My little guy crawls all over it even if there’s snow on the ground in the winter. He’s down it year round.

Have you received any feedback or compliments from friends, family, or guests about the slide? Absolutely. People love it. You can turn your deck into piece of playground equipment. How fun is that?!

Were there any additional accessories or features you found particularly useful or enjoyable with the slide? We also added the water gun attachments. So much fun. They turn the backyard into a water park.

How has the slide enhanced your overall outdoor or indoor space? It’s a backyard slide, what’s not to love? But maybe the most gratifying aspect as a parent was having the kids help out with installation. They turned some wrenches, played in the boxes, and even played in the sections before they were connected.

Have you had any maintenance or service needs for the slide since installation? None.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company and products to others? 10. Absolutely. But I may be biased.

Is there any specific feedback or suggestions you have for us to improve our products or services based on your experience? Customers who purchase the slide should know that it ships freight and freight companies aren’t required to help offload. However, the slide ships disassembled, so the pieces are lightweight and easy to transport individually.

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