Inside & Outside Hitting Drill

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Inside & Outside Hitting Drill

Postby PS-Admin » Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:08 pm

This is a good drill to practice inside and outside hitting. Many young hitters struggle with hitting outside pitches so this drill will help to instill a proper knowledge of how to do so.

You'll need two tees or a tee with multiple points, one on the inside of the plate and one on the middle/outside of the plate. You set the inside tee at a lower height than the outside tee so the hitter can swing at each ball without having to reset the balls. The hitter will then call out inside or outside when hitting the corresponding ball location. On the outside/middle ball have the hitter concentrate on not rolling over their top hand before making contact with the ball. This will help to focus on hitting the ball in the opposite direction. Rolling the top hand over will almost alway result in a pulled ground ball.
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