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Netting for a Golf Course

Postby admin » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:30 pm

Hello, I am the GM of a Golf Course in Michigan. I am looking for netting and installation of netting. I have a four pole span that is roughly 105 feet from first pole to last pole and the poles are roughly 40-50 feet high. These are poles to protect the road that runs along side on of the hole. I would like to try and get a quote from you for the cost of the netting and installation of the netting.

Hi Rob,
Thanks for inquiring about the netting with installation. Here is some pricing for 105' x 50' & 105' x 40' pieces of recommended netting:
#36 Nylon Golf Netting with Latex Dip: 105' x 50' -- $5,943.24
#36 Nylon Golf Netting with Latex Dip: 105' x 40' -- $4,862.55

The #36 Nylon with Latex Dip would be best for outdoor use. With all of our netting we suggest you take it down during the winter to make sure it doesn't retain moisture and freeze, which can drastically shorten the life-span. Regarding the installation, did you happen to have pictures of the are where it's to be installed? Are the poles already in place or does that need to be done as well? Also is the ground level where the netting is being installed?

Thanks again,
Thasnk, for the info. The poles are already in place and we really only need the netting. I will pass it along to the owner.
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