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Custom Netting

Postby admin » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:23 pm

Hello, I am looking to receive a quote for two separate sizes of golf barrier netting. Net thickness undetermined, shipping to 76544.

QTY 12 @ 20'H x 50'L

QTY 11 @ 33'H x 50'L

All nets will be made of 1" mesh, knotless polyester golf netting with 5/16" double braided border sewn into the netting. UV treated for sun and weather resistance. Black in color.

Thank you,
Hi Tom,
We can build any size net you need. Here is a link where you can view our net calculator to get the pricing:

We have two materials available for custom golf nets, #18 Nylon and #36 Nylon. The #18 is about 1.9 mm thick and the #36 is about 2.5 mm thick. Both standard nets come in the color white. The only way we can make the netting black is by adding a latex dip treatment which will also help to extend the life-span of the net. Please let me know which thickness you would prefer. The nets also have the UV inhibitor added as a standard feature.

Our nets have a 7/8" mesh which is recommended for direct impact since balls can go through the 1" mesh. Also the border rope on the perimeter is 3/8" which isn't much different from the 5/16". Please let me know if you have any questions.

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