Used turf or new. Looking for possibly 9000sq ft

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Used turf or new. Looking for possibly 9000sq ft

Postby admin » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:49 pm

May need (3) 15' rolls and (3) 12' rolls of turf that would be 110' long. Roughly 9000 sq ft.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for inquiring about the turf. Unfortunately the turf rolls are only available in 15' wide sections and they don't have the ability to cut it down to 12' wide pieces. If you are still interested please let me know the sizes and quantities of the 15' wide rolls.

Thanks again,
Okay so our width of building is 60' (I will get exact measurments) when we take ownership.

We are looking for a decent turf (not overy expensive) that will look nice inside the facility, allow for infield and running. What do you recommend. We are probably looking at 60' (roughly) x (110-115' long)
So we are closing in on our new facility. The dimensions that we would need would be the following, could you give me an idea on price

1 Roll that is 15' Wide by 70' long
3 Roll that are 15' Wide by 175
1 Roll that are 15' by 50' long
Hi Brian,
Thanks for your update. Our current rolls are 155 ft long. We could cut down as needed, or ship you several 155 ft rolls to cover your required square footage.

Using your requested roll sizes (final square footage may vary slightly), we could deliver 9,675 square feet for a total of $9,250.

Please keep in mind we have limited supplies, so could sell out at any time.

Please let me know if you are interested, and we can work to finalize everything and I will try to hold these rolls for you.

Thanks again.
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