Sliding Batting Cage Net for Basement with Trusses

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Re: Sliding Batting Cage Net for Basement with Trusses

Postby admin » Thu Jun 12, 2014 12:06 pm

Question from Matt regarding sliding batting cage net for basement with trusses:
I am looking at the CurtainCage batting cage. I have an unfinished basement that I would like to put a batting cage in. The longest area I have to work with is 33ft. I am thinking a 30ft cage will work great. I would like to use the floor trusses overhead to attach the cable to, to suspend the batting cage from.


Using your trusses as anchor points is fine, just keep in mind that this may prevent the batting cage from being able to slide on the cable lines (spanning between the trusses). Ideally the trusses would be positioned perpendicular to the length of the net. We have brackets that should be able to fit in your ceiling, however we would need to see pics of what you have to confirm if they would fit.
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