Electric Retractable System

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Electric Retractable System

Postby admin » Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:06 am

I'm interested in an electric system for our netting.
Hi Anthony,
It was nice speaking with you. Per our conversation, if you could please send several photos of the area the cage will go - this will enable us to provide a more firm quote. We may also need some measurements, but pictures are a good starting point.

Please find some more info about our company and the Aircage, here:

Thanks again.
Chad I sent the pics, if you need more let me know . I would like price to include delivery, installation, warranty,electric hookup . If you could maybe break down price for each item. i guess the price to purchase and just get here ,and seperate installation, and electric hookup cost. thanks anthony
Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the pictures. I do have a few questions:

-Will the cage run perpendicular to your beams?

-What is the "on-center" spacing of your beams?

-Do your lights hang below the beams?

-What is the distance between the hoops when they are all raised in the air?

Thanks again.
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