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I am interested in your FlexCages. Are all of them kept in stock? Can you send me a drawing or picture that shows where the standard baffle is placed, and where any additional baffles would be placed if I ordered them?


Hi Ryan,
Thanks for inquiring about our FlexCages. These nets are kept in stock unless otherwise specified on each individual net listing. But again they are almost always available. The standard door location if the net length runs north to south is on the southwest corners on the short 12'W or 14'W end. Also the baffle is placed on the same end as the doorway. The standard baffle and doorway will always be on the same end since most people prefer the baffle and doorway to be located on the same end. We can place additional baffles in any location but most people prefer to have them loose since they can move the baffle to create smaller play areas inside the tunnel. For instance a 70'L x 14'W tunnel can be split into (2) 35'L x 14'W play areas if the baffle is placed directly in the middle of the tunnel. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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