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Ultra Base Systems – Champion Panel Drain Tile (30″ x 30″ x .75″ – Covers 5.44 Sq Ft)

Pack of 14 tiles



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Cover All Your Bases – Champion Panel / Drain Tile by Ultra Base Systems (30″ x 30″ x .75″ – Covers 5.44 Sq Ft) – Pack of 14 Tiles

The structural superiority of the panel is designed to dramatically reduce the need for extensive site preparation both indoors and outdoors, creating a base structure capable of supporting enormous loads while providing greatly improved GMAX and HIC impact numbers resulting in SAFER and more predictable playing surfaces. Large water flow volumes both vertically and horizontally are achieved with UBS Champion creating a base system capable of rapidly directing rainwater away from the turf and the players. Perfect planarity and the UBS patented non slip turf barbs all help to create a base unlike anything the market has ever seen.

Drain Slots

Drain Slots

The vertical flow rate of an individual UltraBase Systems panel without turf is equivalent to 1,582″ per hr (4018 cm/hr). The horizontal flow rate of rainwater exiting from under an individual UBS panel = 126″ per hr (320 cm/hr). Each UBS panel has the ability to store the equivalent of 1.85 gallons (7 L) of water in the underside cellular structure. The void that is created on the underside of panels due to the cellular compartment design and water flow openings has the capability of circulating under the panels.

Cell Structure

Cell Structure

Designed first and foremost as a structural replacement for compacted rock, asphalt, or concrete it is imperative that the load capacity of the UBS panel is extremely high. Static load capacity for the weakest location of the panel is equivalent to 374 psi (26.3 kgf/cm2). Load values when placed over a full descending cellular rib are 998 psi (70.17 kgf/cm2). Engineered with a 4.25” (10.8 cm) hexagonal cell structure, UBS panels are capable of accepting large static live loads including crowd and vehicle traffic such as utility trucks, gators, soft tire forklifts, and emergency vehicles with minimal deviation when installed as per manufactures specifications on a properly prepared stable sub-base.

Turf Grip

Turf Grip

The 3000 patented turf barbs per panel create a very high coefficient of friction which dramatically reduces turf movement issues associated with many other base replacement or stone systems. The turf barbs when utilized with a felt backed or foam backed turf will create a totally stationary turf system which will not move or slip on the UBS base system. This technology allows for less infill or a non-slip non filled turf system.

Panel Locking System

Panel Locking System

The UBS patented over under locking tooth design creates perfect alignment from panel to panel resulting in a smooth transition across the entire surface of the installation. The planarity created by the design results in a perfectly smooth turf installation which achieves predictable ball roll and bounces and greatly improves the visual appeal of the installation surface. A perfectly flat or contoured surface is easily achieved depending upon base preparation.


Tooth Detail

The patented over under interlocking tooth system not only ensures perfect planar alignment from panel to panel creating a flat planar top surface which is critical for sports surface applications for ball roll and footing but also ensures the panels stay locked together once a quadrant of 9 panels is assembled. This patented locking feature helps prevent panel shifting or disengagement due to weather conditions or vehicular traffic.

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