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Pro Model Hardware System only – Double-Lane

(6 pole up to 75'L x 30'W)


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Pro-Model Hardware System only (for use with 6 pole system, cage up to 75’L x 30’W with common divider curtain)

  • (11) 77’L Rolls 1/4″ Galvanized Cable (Top, curtain, bottom linear, & bridge anchor lines)
  • (4) 16’L Rolls 1/8″ Galvanized Cable (Top End Cross Lines)
  • (2) 32’L Rolls 1/8″ Galvanized Cable (Bottom End Cross Lines)
  • (6) 9″ x 5/8″ Galvanized Turnbuckles (For top lines)
  • (2) 9″ x 5/8″ Galvanized Turnbuckles (For bottom linears)
  • (9) 6″ x 1/2″ Galvanized Turnbuckles (For top end cross lines, bottom cross lines, & top bridge lines)
  • (60) 1/4″ Cable Clamps
  • (30) 3/16″ Cable Clamps
  • (210) Steel snaps (Attaching every 2′ for 70’L net)
  • (2) Bags Anchor rings (For bottom anchor lines)
  • (1) Anchor-Ring Pliers
  • (8) Easy-Adjust Single-Tab Anchor Plates – no drilling required (For top, cross, & bottom lines)
  • (2) Easy-Adjust Double-Tab Anchor Plates – no drilling required (For center ceiling & curtain line)
  • (6) Black PVC Top Caps for 6-5/8″ Poles

Winch & pulley system not included in this list – add via drop-down box above

Optional Items (sold separately):

Winch System: Never climb ladders again to remove net for off-season! Also makes net maintenance simple.

  • Worm-gear Winch with Bracket
  • Pulleys & Mounting Brackets
  • Drill adapter (motorizes winch using house-hold electric drill)

Turn-buckles & Bridge System removed from above parts list if Winch System ordered (factored out of winch price)

Commonly ordered Net Specs:

  • 70’L x 28’W x 14’H
  • 70’L x 24’W x 12’H
  • 60’L x 28’W x 16’H

Other Sizes available – receive instant quote here


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