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In Ground Fencing Kit for Baseball & Softball

10 ft Pole Spacing, 4 ft High


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Portable Outfield Fence for Natural Turf

Create your own baseball and softball field with portable ​outfield​ fences. Our Grand Slam Fencing kits provide stability and reduced sagging with optional poles at 5 ft intervals. The additional poles keep your Grand Slam Fencing System more taut and resistant to movement during wind, for an even more attractive and durable outfield solution. Optional sockets provide enhanced ground reinforcement.

GRAND SLAM FENCING PRICING AND FEATURES While you can use Grand Slam Fencing for either a baseball​ outfield​ fence​ or ​a little ​league​ fence, this portable fencing solution comes in multiple colors and varying lengths that are perfect for you field. For more details on how temporary​ out field​ fencing​can be cost effective and still​ attractive.

  • Grand Slam Fence pricing various based on size, and starts as low as $237.00.
  • Our most popular kit is a 200 Home Run distance kit, which costs $1,080.
  • Fences are 4 ft high and are available in 5 lengths: 300 ft HR (471 ft L), 200 ft HR (314 ft L), ​150 ft L, 100 ft L, 50 ft L
  • There are two pole spacing​ options, 10 ft standard or 5 ft to prevent sagging
  • All ​fences include a home run marker and come in either red, blue​or green

Easy Setup

The GRAND SLAM FENCING PORTABLE FENCING package is quick and easy to set up. Just slide the poles into the slots woven into fence and attach fence to top latch.

  • Insert poles through loops woven into fence fabric.
  • Attach fence at top using cap with latch.
  • Mark location for poles and drill holes using included 18 inch steel auger
  • Insert GRAND SLAM FENCING poles (with fence attached) into holes. Fence is in place and ready for use!

To remove, take down fence, roll up and store in a matter of minutes! No need to remove poles.


Extra 12 inch Auger
Extra PVC Driving Tool Used To Set Ground Sockets
Extra 12 inch Auger & PVC Driving Tool

(Fencing comes standard with Auger & PVC Driving Tool)

Package Includes

  • Mesh fence material (select color above)
  • Yellow top homerun marker
  • PVC Flexible Poles with pointed tip (10 ft spacing)
  • All Fencing Packages come standard with Auger & PVC Driving Tool
  • Optional Extra 12 inch L earth auger (fits standard power drills) & PVC Driving Tool can be added under Upgrades Section Above, see above.

1 review for In Ground Fencing Kit for Baseball & Softball

  1. Matt Rhode (verified owner)

    usPennsylvania, United States

    Product was delivered on time and in great condition. I will use your company again.

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