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Dog Park Bronze Package – Double Hoop Jump, Wait Table, Wall Jump, Bow Wow Barrel – Agility Obstacles

SKU: DOI-1016

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If you’re ready to start working on agility training with your four-legged friend, the Bronze Package includes four (4) must-haves for dogs of all skills and sizes:

  • Double Hoop Jump
  • Wait Table
  • Wall Jump (Double)
  • Bow Wow Barrel

Also, enjoy a FREE standard Fire Hydrant – a $425.00 value!

Minimum Area Recommendation:
  • 35′ x 35′

Suitable for all sizes and abilities from clumsy puppies to well-behaved, large breeds, this training equipment works.

Choose between red, blue, or green to make your space pop. Or pick a custom color, available for an additional charge.

  • Color details:
    • Red/Yellow with blue posts
    • Green/White with black posts
    • Blue/White with black posts

The Bronze Kit also includes FREE customization on your Wall Jump. Overall, save 5% when you buy the Gold Kit – compared to buying these products individually.

Product Info:

  • Item #: 1016

Double Hoop Jump

The Double Hoop Jump offers two play components in one, which helps maximize space in smaller parks. While the larger hoop is big enough for all dogs, the smaller hoop is perfect for small and medium dogs including low riders like Basset Hounds. Meanwhile, once your dog learns the basic jump, expand their agility training by teaching them Figure 8s – jump through the hoop then turn around and jump through in the opposite direction.

Material Specifications:
  • Hoop is precision-machined with fun paw details to aid with depth perception
  • Features 100% recycled HDPE hoops and 80% recycled aluminum posts
  • Uprights are rust-resistant aluminum with a powder-coat finish
  • Vandal-resistant stainless steel hardware

Wait Table

Designed specifically for smaller parks, the Wait Table offers a basic obedience training component suitable for dogs of all sizes and abilities. Indeed, at less than a foot high, dogs easily step or hop onto the table. Once on the wait table, practice obedience by teaching your pup to sit and stay. With training, your dog will better respond to voice and hand commands. Also, these tables teach your dog patience as they must wait until you release them.

As always, safety is of utmost importance. With this in mind, count on our exclusive PawsGrip coating, which ensures all walking surfaces are highly textured. Even in the mud or snow, PawsGrip provides additional slip resistance. Also, the flat, solid surface grants comfort and safety for your four-legged friend.

Material Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 30″ x 8″
  • Table tops coated with PawsGrip, our exclusive texture – provides additional slip resistance even in mud and snow
  • Eco-friendly materials! Planks contain 85% recycled content and posts are 80% recycled content
  • Rust-resistant aluminum posts feature a durable powder coat finish
  • Includes stainless steel, vandal-resistant hardware

Wall Jump (double)

A staple to agility courses, wall jumps are available in three different heights. The Bronze Package includes the double wall jump, which helps dogs of all sizes develop timing and jumping skills. Guide your dog over the jump and between the extra-long guide poles. By doing so, your dog learns to go over instead of around (which is missing out on the fun).

  • Free customization! Add your park or community name – 25 characters/spaces maximum. If choosing this option, we will contact you for details.
Material Specifications:
  • Two recycled-plastic planks mounted to guide posts
  • Paw print and dog bone details are precision-engraved on each plank for added depth perception
Wall Jump - double

Bow Wow Barrel

Tunnels are one of the easiest agility components for a dog to learn. But, of course, practice makes perfect. Boost your dog’s confidence as they master the 36″ long Bow Wow Barrel. The Bow Wow Barrel is available in the following color combinations:

  • Red/Yellow with Blue posts
  • Green/White with Black posts
  • Blue/White with Black posts

When comparing dog agility tunnels, not all products are equal. However, the Bow Wow Barrel is made for canines with safety in mind. Because plastic surfaces can be slippery for paws, resulting in an unsafe loss of footing, we embed a composite material into the plastic during the molding process. It’s textured enough to provide traction but gentle on paws. If/when the surface wears down with use, more material becomes exposed so the tunnel will always be safe.

Material Specifications:
  • Tube section measures 27″ in diameter to accommodate dogs of all sizes, even extra-large breeds
  • A highly textured material is embedded into the tube during the manufacturing process for a lifetime of slip resistance
  • End supports feature 1″ diameter, rust-proof aluminum pipe

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