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Playground Border Timbers – 8″ or 12″

SKU: 2BY242

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We offer two sizes of playground border timbers, 12″ and 8″. These are the strongest borders available in the market due to more inner connection points and thicker wall construction. Our borders aesthetic is reversible with “wood grain” on one side and a standard texture on the other.

8″ Border Timbers

  • Dimensions: 52″L x 8″T x 4″W
  • ​Includes(1) 20″ Galvanized Steel Spike​
  • Pin Placement 48″ Centers
  • Shipping Weight/Unit 9lbs
  • Reversible with “wood grain” on one side and “textured” on the other
  • Compatible with ADA Playground Access ramps
  • Recommended for Loose Fill Rubber or Unitary Rubber safety surfacing

12″ Border Timbers

  • Dimensions: 52″L x 12″T x 4″W
  • ​Includes (1) 28.5″ Galvanized Steel Spike​ Pin Placement @ 48″ Centers
  • Shipping Weight/Unit 12.25 lbs
  • Reversible with “wood grain” on one side and “textured” on the other
  • Compatible with ADA Playground Access ramps recommended for Engineered Wood Fiber or Pea Gravel safety surfacing

Flex Spike vs Steel

Flex Spikes work together brilliantly to build the pits, and they help the walls actually flex out when run into.  This creates a little bit of “give” so any crashing by the kiddos doesn’t hurt quite so bad!  It also reduces the weight substantially, so there is both savings in money AND back pain!

Q: Are the Flex Spikes replacing the steel spikes?
A: No! We are bringing them in alongside our steel spikes to give a readily available, and less expensive option.

Q: Are the Flex Spikes as strong, durable, and reliable as the steel spikes?
A: The ground you are hitting them into will help determine that conclusion. These spikes are not universally accepted in all ground types. We have field tested them in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Oregon and we have determined that they can be used everywhere, but sometimes the ground (or what’s beneath it) can be impenetrable. It is important for your sales reps to know what your local ground is made of. Bedrock, sandstone, and limestone will not accept steel, either!

Q: Are these made of plastic? What’s the biggest difference?
A: Short answer: Yes. Preferred answer: These are made from a carefully selected, impact-resistant nylon polymer that has been formulated to withstand strikes from hammers. The biggest difference you’ll see with the Flex Spikes is the weight. These weigh approximately 1/8th of their steel counterparts. Your installers and customers will notice and appreciate that difference. You’ll notice the change in your freight charges—less weight means less freight cost, every time!

Q: How strong are they? Do we need to be careful when installing them?
A: These spikes are very strong and durable. Though they are not as forgiving as steel spikes, they can be struck with the same force as their steel counterparts. As long as the installer is not hitting at strange angles or routinely mishitting them, they will install exactly like our steel spikes.

Q: Can they break?
A: Yes. During our field tests, we experienced a few broken heads and only one spike broke in the middle. EVERY BROKEN SPIKE HAPPENED IN EARTH THAT HAD DEBRIS AND NATURAL ROCK DEPOSITS. All of our other field tests proved our Flex Spikes can be installed in the majority of locations.

Q: Are they readily available? Are they recyclable?
A: Yes! We are proud to say these were developed and are being manufactured 15 minutes from our warehouse in Oklahoma City! We will not have supply chain and freight woes with our Flex Spikes. We have several thousand ready to go for all of our products in our lineup. Using the Border / Flex Spike Combo, you can tell your customers they are 100% Made in the USA and 100% recyclable.

6 reviews for Playground Border Timbers – 8″ or 12″

  1. Thomas Rhodes (verified owner)

    usIllinois, United States

    Great product great service

  2. Maria (verified owner)

    usMassachusetts, United States

    Perfect and safe edging – may get a bit hot with the sun

  3. Joe Maughan (verified owner)

    usIdaho, United States

    I needed a small section on one piece. it worked out great. Also it shipped quickly which I appriciated.

  4. Peggy Miltenberger (verified owner)

    usMaryland, United States

  5. Ben Schram (verified owner)

    usWisconsin, United States

    Great product, very fast shipping! Thanks!

  6. David P. (verified owner)

    usOregon, United States

    Well packaged and undamaged. Not installed yet but they are exactly what we need.

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