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Basement Batting Cage Kit (Netting & Hardware)


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Get Caged Up!

Everything you need to get started swinging today. 55 ft long x 12 ft wide x 12 ft tall net. Size can be adjusted on site.

Net and installation hardware included.

55′ Long Net can be installed in shorter areas. For spaces shorter than 55 ft long, simply bunch up excess netting with a bungee cord or zip ties (not included).

12′ High Net can be installed with lower ceiling heights. For ceilings lower than 12 ft long, the excess can simply bunch on the floor.

Static Installation Kit

Perfect for basements with exposed rafters.


  • Netting: 55′ L x 12′ W x 12′ H
  • (27) 1/4 inch eye screws
  • (27) 5/16 inch snap hooks

Simple Instructions

  1. Simply install screws into rafters every 2 ft or so.
  2. Attach snap hooks to net.
  3. Attach net with snap hooks to eye screws.

Now You’re All Caged Up!

Collapsible Installation Kit

The Collapsible Kit is more expensive than the Static Kit, but it offers the added versatility of being able to collapse your cage against one wall when not in use.

Which version of the Collapsible Kit do you need?

If anchoring into block walls, select the Block Wall Structure Kit.

If you have drywall up, select the Wood Header Option. You’ll want to install wood headers (not included) that span from wall stud to wall stud at your desired height.

Install 12 ft nets at a maximum height of 11 ft to allow sag on the floor to help prevent baseballs and softballs from escaping.


  • Netting: 55′ L x 12′ W x 12′ H
  • (6) anchor plates
  • (24) Wood or concrete lags
  • (3) 6″L turnbuckles
  • (3) 60 ft long, 1/4″ cable
  • (12) 1/4″ cable clamps
  • (84) 5/16″ snap hooks

Simple Instructions

  1. If installing into block, install anchor plates at desired height ‘on center.’
  2. If installing on walls with drywall sheets, install, at the desired height a wood header that spans from stud to stud. NEVER INSTALL DIRECTLY IN TO DRYWALL.
  3. Attach turnbuckles to anchor plates.
  4. Attach cable lines to turnbuckles. Close loop with (2) cable lines.
  5. Add tension to cable lines with turnbuckles.
  6. Attach snap hooks to net.
  7. Attach net with snap hooks to cable lines.
  8. Continue adding tension to turnbuckles until cable lines are tight and straight.

Get Caged Up and Start Swinging!

1 review for Basement Batting Cage Kit (Netting & Hardware)

  1. EMERSON TACOMA (verified owner)

    caOntario, Canada

    Awesome service and reliable delivery.
    We still have not installed the net. We are very excited to get it installed and available to use. Thank you.

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