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55’L Single Lane T2 Batting Cage / Curtain System

(Track & Trolley)

SKU: T255

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The T2 system allows for quick and smooth mobility for your batting cage net.

3 overhead tracks are attached directly to the existing ceiling structure.

Net, not included, is suspended from trolley wheels mounted in the overhead tracks.

This kit includes enough 16 gauge track for (3) 64 foot runs of overhead track.

Track is not designed to withstand direct impact from baseballs or softballs.


Shop standard sized 55 ft long batting cages here.

Enter your dimensions and receive an instant quote for custom batting cage sizes here.

Trolley Wheel Style



Nylon wheels are less durable than steel roller wheels. The majority of our customers select Nylon roller wheels.



Steel roller wheels are more durable than nylon roller wheels, but are also more expensive.

Consider steel roller wheels if you will be collapsing your nets multiple times a day or week.

Trolley Wheel Spacing

Roller wheels can be attached to the net every 1 – 2 feet.

As a general rule, we usually recommend 1 foot spacing. This typically makes the cage easier to slide, and gives the cage a more pleasing aesthetic.

2 foot spacing requires fewer attachment points, and therefore fewer trolley wheels, so can be a good option if you are on a budget.






End Stop

Included Hardware


(24) 8 ft Steel Tracks (16 gauge)
(21) Splice Connector Hardware (to join tracks)
(6) End Stops

Trolley Wheels for 2 Foot Spacing

(84) Nylon or Steel Trolley Wheels

Trolley Wheels for 1 Foot Spacing

(168) Nylon or Steel Trolley Wheels

Additional Track Mounting Options


Chain or Beam Mount

Works well when attached to a support member immediately above the top of the curtain.


Threaded Rod Mount

Used in applications where the attachment points are substantially higher than the top of the curtain.

Also useful to support tracking when span is greater than 4-6 ft without a truss/joist support – connect rod to ceiling deck for support.



Ceiling Mount

Mounts directly to ceiling or any flat horizontal surface – must be directly above the curtain.



Wall Mount

Mounts directly to any vertical surface.



Beam or Truss Mount

Attaches directly to I Beams or roof trusses. The clamps are secured with set screws and rotate for proper orientation.



Vertical Drop Lines

A custom item, used in specific situations where the batting cage net or nets need to drop well below where the track is installed.

We typically try to avoid using vertical drop lines if we can help it as they are expensive.

We need to know the total distance from track to top of net to craft the vertical drop lines.

1 review for 55’L Single Lane T2 Batting Cage / Curtain System

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    usAlabama, United States

    Prompt response to replacing some damaged pieces of delivery.

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