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55 ft Long Batting Cage Frame – Collegiate Model

3.5 inch OD


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Pole Size

A high-end outdoor batting cage frame kit, works excellent for teams, parks, or even back-yard players looking for a top-level batting cage system. This batting cage frame is extremely versatile, accommodating a wide variety of batting cage sizes.

The best feature is the minimal # of poles, which reduces the required ground holes, saving labor & concrete costs – and also eliminating the chance for ball ricochet!

Model: 55’L Collegiate Batting Cage Frame (In-Ground / 3.5″) (Net Sold Separately)
Cage Size: Up to 55’L x Up to 16’W x Up to 16’H
Steel Specs: 3.5″ OD Round Tubing / Schedule-40 / Galvanized Steel

Popular net sizes used with this frame kit (net sold separately):

This batting cage frame kit can be customized as needed for additional cost. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


  • Minimizes number of ground holes (only 4)
  • Accommodates nets up to 16’H
  • Eliminates chance of ball ricochet (no cross-member or center up-rights)
  • Very clean & pro appearance (less # of obtrusive frame poles – net maintains clean look with cable system)
  • Frame galvanized weather-proof (other colors available for cost)
  • Optional ‘forward-kicker stabilization system’ improves frame rigidity (recommended for heavy nets, high wind areas, or those who simply wish to put maximum tension on cable lines for least sag possible, with minimal frame deflection)

Standard Parts List:

  • (4) 20′ Long Poles for Up-rights – Including Top Caps (custom sizes available)*
  • (2) 16′ Long Poles for Cross-bars (custom sizes available)*
  • (4) Elbow Corner Brackets (adjustable)
  • Recommended Add-ons: Bottom Anchor Kit & Kicker Stabilizers (see more info below)

Main Hardware Kit:

  • (3) 1/4″ Cable @ 60’L
  • (3) 9″ x 5/8″ Turnbuckles + (3) 3/8″ Quick-Links to Join TBs to Clamps
  • (84) 5/16″ Carabiner Snaps
  • (6) No-Drill Adjustable Anchor Clamps
  • (14) 1/4″ Cable clamps (2 extra)

Bridge Suspension Kit:

  • (2) 1/8″ Cable @ 70’L
  • (2) 6″ x 1/2″ Turnbuckles
  • (4) No-Drill Adjustable Anchor Clamps
  • (8) 3/16″ Cable Clamps

Optional Items

+Bottom Anchor Kit (reduces wind whip)

  • (4) No-Drill Adjustable Anchor Clamps
  • (2) 6″ x 1/2″ Turnbuckles
  • (4) 3″ x 3/8″ Turnbuckles
  • (4) 1/8″ Cable @ 20′
  • (2) 1/8″ Cable @ 62′
  • (24) 3/16″ Cable clamps
  • (75) 9″ Wire ties

+Kicker Stabilization System

Improves frame rigidity. Recommended with nets taller than 12’H, heavy nets, high wind areas, or those who simply wish to put maximum tension on cable lines for least sag possible, with minimal frame deflection.


  • Used instead of Ground Auger System above – used if space behind cage is not available.
  • Requires concrete slab or footers in area of kicker ground termination.


  • (4) Steel Tubes 2-3/8″ OD
  • (4) Elbow Brackets
  • (4) *Base Flange pads (for anchoring to concrete – lags not included)

*Can also work with ground footers if pad not available (add’l cost)

TIP! (Extend Cage Economically): Add a lighter-weight 2-3/8″ 10-gauge center support section, which will relieve the cable tension and allow a greater cage span. The center section receives much less tension than the end-sections, so using lighter weight steel for the center provides adequate support at an economical price. Review it below.

  • *Poles can be cut to fit your specific net size if requested, for up-charge
  • *Poles should be inserted minimum of 2′ Deep x 24″ Diameter, depending on your soil conditions & freeze-line
  • *Custom colors available for up-charge
  • *Ground Sleeves NOT included

Net sizes to use with this system listed above. Also find custom sized prices here.


*If custom pole size required, select “Custom Pole Cuts” in options above, and specify your net size in “comments” during check-out. If not specified, frame sections will ship per the lengths listed in parts list.

*Poles should be inserted minimum of 3′ Deep x 36″ Diameter, depending on your soil conditions & freeze-line.

*Recommended total pole spacing: 5′ longer than your net length & same width as net


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