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55 ft EasySlide Indoor Batting Cage Kit

Hardware Only


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Roller Wheels
Structure Type

This complete batting cage hardware kit (for 55’L+ Cages) is optimal for properly suspending batting cage nets between walls, without the need for middle drop-cable support points.

Our EasySlide CurtainCages include 3 steel cable lines (included) installed at the same height as your net. The cables attach to Steel FlexPlates (included), anchored into your wall or header (optional upgrade to truss/joist brackets available).

The included Steel Snaps join to Roller Wheels (included) to connect your net to the cable lines, allowing your tunnel to slide to either end of your facility like a giant shower curtain, collapsing to approximately 2-3′ feet from the wall.

Netting is sold separately. Review our stock sized batting cage nets, or custom build a net with our netting calculator

Bottom-Line: A Wall CurtainCage results in less overall sag and has more of a “boxy” look than a LineLift CurtainCage, due to the net being attached directly to the linear cables every 2-3′. Just remember you will have 3 cables which run overhead at the same height as your net, unless you remove them each time. If you need to maximize your over-head space, you will want to consider a LineLift CurtainCage or a Wind-Up Winch CurtainCage

Parts List

  • (3) 65’L Rolls of 1/4″ Aircraft Cable: Galvanized Coated (Lengthwise attachment)
  • (6) Steel Wall Plates: 5″ x 5″
  • (24) Screw Lags (Wood or Concrete)
  • (15) Nylon Roller Wheels (helps net slide easier)
  • (3) Turnbuckles: 9″ x 5/8″ Jaw-Jaw Galvanized Steel (1 per cable)
  • (12) 1/4″ Cable-Clamps: Galvanized Steel (Secures cable ends)
  • (84) Steel Snap-hooks – Spring-loaded – Spaced every 24″

Recommended Add-on Parts

  • Adjustable mounting plates: Allows lines to adjust several inches vertically after lags have been set. Very useful to compensate for the sag over the years as the net relaxes.
  • Roller Wheels: Helps cables slide smoother, preventing grooves from wearing in snaps, resulting in snags. The more used, the easier it will slide. Consider adding 1 per attachment point.

Additional Available Parts

  • Truss/Ceiling Brackets: Custom designed to fit your ceiling trusses, creating termination points for lines. Useful when your walls are too far apart, or they can’t handle the high tension loads (approx 10 lbs per linear foot of span e.g. for a 70’L cage, you will have approx 350 lbs of tension on each end of each line)

How high will my main lines be mounted? Your lines should be mounted at approximately 8-12″ lower than the height of your net. For example, with a 12’H net you would mount your top lines at 11’4″H. Need a higher mount? Consider a LineLift Kit now available here.

1/4″ Cable Spec (not all cable is created equal)

  • Wire Rope Material: Steel
  • Finish/Coating: Galvanized
  • Construction: 7×19 Strand Core
  • Diameter: 1/4″
  • Breaking Strength: 7,000 lbs.

Certain applications may require vertical supports to reduce cable slope – typically cages which are heavier and/or have a longer span.


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