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1-Section Varsity In-Ground Batting Cage Frame

1-7/8" or 2-3/8" OD, 1 Section


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Steel Specs

  • Galvanized Steel
  • 13-gauge or 10-gauge heavy-duty wall (lower gauges are thicker than higher)
  • Diameter Options: 1-7/8″ or 2-3/8″ O.D. Round Tubing

Components Included with this Frame

  • (2) 13’4″ uprights (allows 2′ to insert into ground, allowing 8″ of net sag and 11’4″ of playable height)
  • (1) 15′ cross-members (provides 6″ buffer on each side of standard 14’W net)
  • (2) 2’D PVC Sleeves (includes Bottom Caps to prevent sinking)
  • (2) Cast-Iron Elbow joints with set-screws to secure sections (allen-wrench needed)


Our In-Ground FlexCages are designed for fast, easy installation. Their unique design also allows quick disassembly for off-season storage, if needed. After the PVC sleeves are set in the ground (using concrete if desired), the frame slips together with no bolts or pins. No tools needed other than a step-ladder, an allen-wrench for the elbows, and a shovel for the ground holes. The frame sections can then easily slide in or out of the PVC sleeves. Recommended area required is 2 feet wider (1′ on each side) and 4 feet longer than your net (2′ on each end). Assembly normally takes 2-3 people about 2 hours, depending on number of frame sections.

Available Hardware Kits to enhance Frame System:

This hardware is offered separately to keep the price of the frames down, because some people already have these components or prefer to purchase locally. Our ‘Basic Hardware Kits’ include the minimum components needed for connecting your net to the frame. Our ‘Deluxe Hardware Cable Kits’ maximize your playable area by reducing sag from your tunnel, and creates a “curtain effect”, to move your net to one side of your frame, for mowing, BBQs etc.

How many frame sections will I need for my net?

To maintain the best performance from your net with minimal sag, the standard is to use one frame rib for every 12′-15′ of net — so for a 35′ long cage you will need 3 ribs, for a 55′ cage, 4 ribs, and a 70′ cage will need 5 ribs.

*Overall net size, thread thickness and material can all greatly impact the most appropriate number of sections needed to maintain optimal performance. i.e. a 35’L cage with #21 twine size will require less stability than a 55’L or 70′ net using #36, #42 or #60 thread.

How tall and wide are the frame sections?

Each frame section/rib is 15’W x 13’4″‘H, which accommodates the most common net size (14’W x 12’H) — this allows 2’ of each upright to be inserted into the ground for support, which leaves 11’4″ of frame above ground (allowing 8″ of sag on the ground), and also allows for 1’W of extra room on the width (when using a 14’W net). The adjustable 6″ chains connect to steel snap-hooks to allow for your preferred sag on the ground (to contain balls and create slack, which reduces tension and extends the net life-span). The chain can also easily be shortened if necessary. Each rib also includes 2 PVC piping sleeves for inserting into ground.Custom Design is also available — please Contact Us for a quote.

What if my net is shorter, taller, or not as wide as these frames?

  • If your net is shorter than 12′, you can simply insert the frame legs an extra couple feet to accommodate.
  • If your net is taller than 12′, you can simply allow the extra net to hang on the ground, which is recommended to reduce tension and reduce ball roll-out.
  • If your net is less than 14′ wide, no problem – the net is hung on the inside of the frame sections, so you will only need to extend the tie-offs from the frame to the net, to compensate. This also reduces the opportunity for balls ricocheting off the frame & hitting the batter or pitcher.

Do you offer Custom Frame Design?

Custom sizes & colors are no problem – only an additional $100 up-charge + the cost for extra materials required. Contact us for an exact quote.


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