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Install Checklist

Install Checklist

Gym Equipment

    Please answer each question below. This contains important information to help ensure the installation is smooth. If you have any questions, please contact your sales rep. We look forward to completing your installation.

    1. I authorize Practice Sports, Inc. ('PSI' herein) & appointed sub-contractors to work on my property temporarily.

    2. I authorize PSI to park a commercial freight-liner (approx 35' x 14') on my property over-night, in a flat area with near access to the facility.

    3. I have a plug-in receptacle (110 V) the truck may use for power.

    4. I have garage doors or double-man door access directly into the area the equipment will be installed.

    5. The job-site is on the ground-level, and there are no hallways, sharp corners, or stairs to navigate for job-site access.

    6. The site will be clear of floor obstructions within the entire job-site area.

    7. The site is a flat finished surface; free of dirt, oil, mud or other substances which may harm the equipment being installed.

    8. The crew may drive a non-marring scissor-lift (approx 2,000 lbs) directly onto my floor without special floor covering. (Plywood covering is an additional cost.)

    9. I understand the crew is traveling from out of town, and requires full un-obstructed access to the job-site, allowing them to stay on schedule. (Significant down-time caused by other sub-contractors may regretfully result in increased labor costs.)

    10. An owner's representative will be accessible at all times for sign-off on key decisions, and in case of emergency.

    11. The crew will have full access to the facility from early morning until at least midnight. (Please note any restrictions below. This extended timeline is critical for the crew to complete your project in an expedited manner.)

    12. I approve of the additional collateral load this equipment will create on my roof structure.

    13. I will perform safety inspections (minimum annually), to ensure the original installation has not been compromised, and the equipment is operating safely. I understand this is my responsibility & PSI is not liable or responsible to perform these without cost.

    14. I understand the equipment location may require minor adjustments to work-around unforeseen obstacles. PSI's foreman will review any alterations with the owner to create the most functional & safest application.

    15. I understand the equipment can not be re-located after installation has begun, without additional cost.

    16. After installation is complete, I will not alter the cage hardware or location without approval from PSI; and understand this may void the warranty.

    17. I accept responsibility for all fire codes & access points, and understand PSI is not obligated to move the cage at a later date to satisfy fire codes I am currently unaware of.

    18. I understand the original specs were my responsibility, in lieu of a site-visit fee. Should the specs cause issues the crew can not overcome, there may be additional travel & fabrication costs to re-mobilize at a later date.

    19. If my organization cancels the project I understand there will be a credit for the labor & travel not exhausted.

    20. I will provide PSI's foreman with a money-order, cashier's check, or school certified check for the final balance the day of job completion. (Unless pre-paid with credit card 30 days in advance. Personal checks or credit cards can not be accepted on site.)

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